Top 10 Anti-Malware Tools Downloaded From the 1st Worldwide Internet Security Campaign Website

Internet users across more than 100 countries have been keeping their computers free from viruses and intruders thanks to the free tools available through the 1st Worldwide Internet Security Campaign ( organized by the Internet Users Association and Panda Software, and supported internationally by more than 300 companies and organizations.

The tools available from the website include practical tips, articles and solutions to protect against viruses and intruders, dialers, spyware, spam, etc. According to the number of visits to the site and the number of downloads made, the following list has been drawn up of the top 10 favorite tools on and

1. Online antivirus: Panda ActiveScan Pro 17.94 %
2. Practical tips for using the Internet 15.52%
3. Anti-spyware: Spybot Search and Destroy 1.2 12.88 %
4. Antivirus: Titanium Antivirus 2004 12.79 %
5. Port scanner 10.12 %
6. Personal firewall: Zone Alarm 8.48 %
7. Anti-dialers: tips and applications 7.90 %
8. Safe browsing: practical tips 5.21 %
9. How to protect against P2P spies 5.10 %
10. Anti-spam: tips and applications 4.06 %

This data suggests that Internet users are most worried about computer viruses, the security of Internet transactions and spyware. There is also concern about how to stop hacker attacks and the effects of dialers. And finally, users want to know about P2P programs and spam.

According to Victor Domingo, president of the Internet Users Association (IA), “the numerous downloads of free utilities from the campaign website shows how the low level of security of many computers is due more to a lack of awareness about the situation than to carelessness. This is why many Internet users have downloaded not just software applications but also documentation related to the software -such as the explanation of personal firewalls-. The overall message though is that the 1st Worldwide Internet Security Campaign is an initiative that users sorely needed.”

As José Mar?­a Hern??ndez, VP International Expansion at Panda Software explains, “each download from the 1st Worldwide Internet Security Campaign website brings us closer to the campaign objective of ridding the world of viruses. More and more Internet users around the world are joining in this pioneering initiative, which offers users the chance to access genuinely in-depth knowledge about all aspects of IT security.”

The first Worldwide Internet Security Campaign was launched on June 17 under the slogan “Ridding the Planet of Viruses” and aims to make the Internet a safer place for all.

The 1st Worldwide Internet Security Campaign is available in the eight most widely spoken languages on the Internet: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. Its website -at will resolve all the questions Internet users might have about security. It also offers all the information they need about every threat and specific solutions for each of them, as well as allowing them to protect their computers against viruses and other types of intruders using the free tools available. Similarly, Internet users also have a direct line to security experts through a forum in which they can post any questions they may have.

The 1st Worldwide Internet Security Campaign is an open initiative, as any Internet user, company or institution can join in and help spread the word. Similarly, anyone who has a website can sign up as a participant.

About the Internet Users Association

The Internet Users Association is made up of Internet users who in 1998 decided to form an alliance in order to represent their own interests and get affordable, universal and quality access. From then on, millions of Internet users have had a voice through the Association principally through their portal at

About Panda Software

Panda Software (, a world leader in virus and intrusion prevention, offers unrivalled proactive security solutions for all types of users, from the largest corporations through small and medium-sized companies to home users. Its corporate products offer hassle-free automatic and centralized administration and provide network-wide protection, via multi-layer security technology, to ensure uniform protection across the enterprise, from remote users and workstations to mail gateways and internal and perimeter servers. Panda Software’s solutions have received awards and quality certifications from the sector’s most widely-respected organizations, including ICSA Labs and Checkmark and its commitment to customer service, innovative products, and the pioneering concept of 24h-365d tech support have revolutionized the IT security industry.

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