SecureInfo to Present at the 6 th Annual Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Conference, August 3-5, 2004

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – SecureInfo Corporation, a recognized leader in delivering enterprise information security solutions, will present at the NEbraskaCERT Conference (formerly CERT Conference) in Omaha on August 3-5, 2004. In this briefing, SecureInfo will share its “best practices” model on effectively managing proven cyber-security operations consisting of three interactive elements; Establishing multi-vector visibility, maturing and cultivating relevant, early warning threat intelligence, and Proactive response and remediation.

The NEbraskaCERT Conference has its roots in the military Information Assurance conference hosted annually by US Strategic Command. After President Clinton signed Presidential Decision Directive (PDD) 63 directing cooperation/sharing with the civilian community, the Omaha Cyber Security Forum, a parallel effort involving CERT Coordination Center at Carnegie Mellon University, Omaha Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN), the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA), the Applied Information Management (AIM) Institute, and the Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce had decided to conduct CERT Conference 1999 in Omaha.

The 6 th Annual NECERT conference will focus on Internet/Intranet/Extranet security, VPNs, PKI/cryptography, NT security, WWW, network intrusions and countermeasures, distributed denial of service attacks, response teams, management and awareness issues. SecureInfo has designed, built and managed successful enterprise CIRC and SOC capabilities for both Department of Defense and Federal Civilian Agencies. The security operations briefing, led by Rob Dao (Vice President of Security Technologies and Operations at SecureInfo); will provide attendees a proven and innovative layered model for managing security in an enterprise. The first critical layer involves establishing and operating a practical centralized capability to gain multidimensional visibility of the security posture of an enterprise. The second layer combines this visibility with relevant threat intelligence so that precious security resources are not wasted on irrelevant threats. Discussion of the final layer will cover the intended product of the first two layers; a proactive and deliberate response and remediation of relevant threats and vulnerabilities.

“The ability to have total triangulated situational awareness of security events affecting the enterprise coupled with knowledge of relevant actionable intelligence in real-time, has helped our team to quickly make decisions and act on these decisions.” said Rob Dao, Vice President of Security Technologies and Operations at SecureInfo. “This ability allows us to view and analyze critical events hours and sometimes days before they impact the network. In most cases I would compare it to slowing down time, seeing the threat materialize and then neutralizing the threat before it hits. Most organizations see these suspicious events days later and are then forced to use whatever reactive measures are available to them at the time” he added.

SecureInfo was a pioneer in the information security revolution during the early 1990’s. The Company’s technical security team achieved early global recognition for their founding of the AFCERT a centralized incident response and monitoring capability for the entire US Air Force worldwide. This team developed proven processes, infrastructures and security products which the Company continues to provide for its current client base both Government and commercial enterprises.

Keynote speakers at the 6 th Annual NECERT conference include Bill Cheswick, Chief Scientist of Lumeta Corporation, Stuart McClure, President and CTO of Foundstone and Mitch Dembin, Chief Security Advisor to Microsoft ® . For additional information please visit

About SecureInfo Corporation

Securing the largest networks in the world since 1992, SecureInfo delivers solutions that simplify and automate security compliance, vulnerability management and enterprise security operations. SecureInfo currently supports over 750,000 users across the globe and continues to innovate its solutions suite by providing a framework that integrates compliance, vulnerability and policy management with enterprise cyber security operations. SecureInfo’s solution suite enables clients to centrally manage enterprise risk by leveraging their existing technologies across a single platform. SecureInfo, an Inc. 500 Corporation, is recognized as one of the top 10 providers of Information Security Solutions to the Federal Government. Additional information is available at

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