ArticSoft Makes Secure Web Forms Simple

3rd August 2004, Denver, Colorado, USA: FormsAssurity – the latest addition to the ArticSoft family of cost-effective, easy-to-use security software – provides a simple, low-cost method to create secure web based forms. Unlike more costly SSL and VPN-based solutions, FormsAssurity ensures personal information entered into an online form is not automatically exposed on a web site, and can be linked, using digital signature technology, to a specific customer or user.

FormsAssurity ensures that all sensitive information is encrypted even when it is on the server, meeting all of the new regulations governing privacy such as HIPAA, GLBA, California Act and Sarbanes-Oxley. It can also be used as an online document signing system and even for web based email.

FormsAssurity has its own web-based tool that allows users to design forms online using a selection of text boxes, pull down boxes and radio buttons or to simply choose from a series of ready-made templates. Existing forms can also be imported and easily made secure. Preferences such as who the form is sent to, who it is encrypted for, whether the user must digitally sign the form, whether users can upload attachments, and what fields must be filled in can also be easily specified.

“As well as providing a more secure web forms solution, FormsAssurity is a great time and cost saver,” said Steve Matthews, CEO of ArticSoft. “There is no need to deploy costly SSL or VPN technology that only does part of the job. SSL and VPN only protect information in transit – where the protection is really needed is when the data is at rest (stored on a server or client computer) as this is where it will most likely be attacked. FormsAssurity protects information regardless of where it is sent or where it is stored. No server software or client configuration is required. And online form generation, templates and free key generation, ensures users can be up and running in minutes.”

As far as the end user is concerned a FormsAssurity form appears on the browser just like any other form and works by loading a small applet onto the PC. Once the user has filled out the form, pressing the send button causes the form and all of its contents to be encrypted automatically using the public key(s) attached to the form and sent to the specified email address(es). Users can even attach files to forms (this could be a photo, word document, etc.) – the attachments are automatically encrypted along with the rest of the form.

If a user is required to digitally sign the form, they will be asked for the location of their private key and password. Keys can be generated by ArticSoft’s free reader software and/or imported from a Certificate Authority or any OpenPGP compliant application. The person receiving the encrypted information can use ArticSoft’s reader software or any OpenPGP compliant application to decrypt the form’s contents and verify who signed it.

FormsAssurity uses full strength PKI security and all information, including the form fields, is encrypted using US Government approved FIPS 197 approved AES algorithm at its highest strength, 256 bit. For digital signing of forms FormsAssurity accepts signature keys of 1024 bits and above.

FormsAssurity is available from priced from $249

About ArticSoft
ArticSoft has more than 32 years experience in the field of computer security and 17 years experience of securing information on personal computers and messaging systems. ArticSoft’s primary goal is providing low cost, high quality, easy-to-use security software. The company’s products are designed for business users, not technologists. ArticSoft is represented on national and international standards committees that deal with security methods and techniques, open trade messaging and data management. The company’s staff advise the UK Government and European Commission on matters of information security.

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