OpenVPN 101: introduction to OpenVPN

This document will introduce OpenVPN as a free, secure and easy to use and configure SSLbased VPN solution. The document will present some simple (and verified) scenario’s that might be useful for preparing security/networking labs with students, for creating a remote access solution or as a new project for the interested home user.

All scenarios presented in this document have been tested using a mix of Red Hat Linux Fedora Core 2, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Microsoft Windows XP Professional. However, this document comes with no support and no guarantees.

This document supposes that the reader knows the fundamental basics of the Linux and Microsoft operating systems, basic VPN technology and IP routing. The document will not explain how to build firewall rule bases, it will not explain (the used) technologies like “IP”, “VPN”, “firewalls”, “SSL”, “PKI”, “certificates”, “IPSEC” etc.

Download the paper in PDF format here.

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