PivX Puts An End To Panic Patching Syndrome

Newport Beach, CA – August 16, 2004 – PivX Solutions, Inc. (OTCBB: PIVX), the leader in next generation Windows Host Based Intrusion Prevention software for the enterprise security market, has launched Qwik-Fix Pro™, the most advanced tool for protecting Microsoft Windows-based desktops and servers from worms, viruses and other malware. Qwik-Fix Pro safeguards PCs from falling victim to the next worm or virus before vendor security patches become available, avoiding the typical scramble to test and deploy patches.

Reactive security solutions, such as anti-virus software, cannot protect networked computers from today’s fast-spreading worms and viruses such as Sasser and MSBlaster. Qwik-Fix Pro uses Active System Hardening to protect Windows desktops and servers, by blocking the underlying vulnerabilities exploited by worms and viruses. PivX researchers identified and fixed the root cause of most Internet Explorer (IE) vulnerabilities, namely insecure zone privileges and improper MIME type detection, through a series of “Qwik-Fixes” released in September 2003. Qwik-Fix Pro has since protected users against all subsequent IE command execution vulnerabilities, including the recent Scob and Download.ject worms.

“A few days prior to the release of the Sasser worm, we noticed increased traffic levels on our network, but the official patch issued by Microsoft broke applications on our network,” said Jim Comeaux, CTO at Redwire Broadband. “In order to combat this problem we needed to find a product that our IT team could implement quickly, without the need for weeks of training. PivX was able to deploy Qwik-Fix Pro within an hour and we were proactively protected against the Sasser worm and all variants that followed.”

When a software vendor releases a patch, it starts a race where malware writers rush to release a self-replicating worm before the majority of systems have deployed a patch. The time between a vulnerability being discovered and when a working vendor patch is deployed is known as the ‘window of exposure’, often a minimum of 90 days, sometimes more than year. Qwik-Fix Pro gives IT departments the time to do proper testing of patches to ensure they will not cause deployment or compatibility problems with other programs.

“Network and host based intrusion prevention are key pieces of enterprise security architectures,” said John Pescatore, VP Distinguished Analyst at Gartner. “With the pace of vulnerabilities increasing, and new forms of attack such as spyware and identity theft growing, security strategies have to work across the network, application and data levels.”

PivX security researchers have discovered hundreds of critical vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer and other products and operating systems. PivX reports those vulnerabilities to the software publisher and develops “Qwik-Fixes” to block the exploit of those vulnerabilities. Qwik-Fix Pro does not make permanent changes to the system and all Qwik-Fixes are easily reversible with the click of mouse, eliminating the regression problems often caused by deploying vendor patches. Every time PivX researchers identify a new vulnerability, a new Qwik-Fix is developed and automatically downloaded to Qwik-Fix Pro users, providing additional protection.

“With recent virus outbreaks, such as Sasser and Bagle, it is painstakingly obvious that traditional reactive security efforts alone are no longer enough. Enterprises are in need of a solution that proactively mitigates the vulnerabilities that worm writers have been able to exploit,” said Rob Shively, chairman and CEO at PivX. “Qwik-Fix Pro adds an important layer of security that is essential in stopping a fast spreading worm or virus, something that signature-based solutions like anti-virus software or firewalls can’t do.”

“By blocking the root cause of entire classes of Windows vulnerabilities, Qwik-Fix Pro blocks dozens of specific vulnerabilities, some that have yet to be discovered,” said Thor Larholm, senior security researcher at PivX. “Each vulnerability ultimately gets exploited by multiple worms and viruses, and each worm or virus typically spawns dozens of variants, so Qwik-Fix Pro blocks hundreds or thousands of specific threats, before they are released or even conceived.”

Qwik-Fix Pro offers a Web-based management console for deploying and managing the software across a corporate network. The management console enables an IT administrator to define group policies, manage installation of new fixes and view reports of client usage and availability. All features of the product can be configured and controlled from a central location using the management console.

The product is available immediately starting at a cost of $60 per desktop and $500.00 per server, with volume discounts available. Please contact PivX Solutions at www.pivx.com or call 949-999-1600.

About PivX
PivX Solutions, Inc. (OTCBB: PIVX), is a security research product and services company that leverages its domain knowledge to increase the security of corporate networks, home PCs and the Internet infrastructure. PivX also conducts highly confidential security-related work on behalf of some of the world’s largest corporations. PivX research has identified multiple vulnerabilities and ways to exploit many of the world’s widely-used Operating Systems and software including Microsoft Windows, Microsoft IIS, Unreal Engine, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Cisco IOS, and Turbo Tax.

For more information, please visit www.pivx.com or call 949-999-1600.

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