Vordel’s Web Services Security Test Tool Reveals High Adoption Rates

August 16, 2004, Dublin, Ireland – Vordel, the XML Web Services security company, announced that download statistics for Vordel SOAPbox reveal which industries are experiencing the fastest rate of adoption for Web Services.

Vordel SOAPbox, which is the only comprehensive diagnostic tool for Web Services security, and therefore a key indicator of serious Web Services security testing, is freely downloadable from the Vordel website. Since its launch, it has been downloaded by thousands of developers, testers, and application support technicians, and is in use by many blue-chip companies worldwide.

SOAPbox usage figures reveal that the financial services sector leads the field in Web Services adoption, with 23% of the total. Next is the public sector, with 15%, telecommunications comes a close third at 12%, and manufacturing makes up 10%. Other interesting data gleaned indicates that when it comes to Web Services, the Europeans are not following the traditional pattern of delaying the adoption of newer technologies. With 48% of SOAPbox users located in Europe, they appear as keen to adopt Web Services technologies as their peers in North America, where 41% of SOAPbox users reside.

Lawrence Wilkes, principal analyst with CBDi Forum, commenting on the announcement, said, “With this Web Services security testing tool, Vordel is helping organizations understand the important security issues relevant to their Web Services projects and better positions them to ensure that business processes they expose to partners and customers can not be compromised.

“The adoption figures unveiled by Vordel coincide with quantitative observations made by CBDi of the accelerated rate of deployment of Web Services. The broad adoption of Vordel SOAPbox is another indication of the receptiveness of companies to Web Services and the emphasis placed on security” added Wilkes.

Mark O’Neill, CTO at Vordel, added that the company is encouraged by the positive reviews SOAPbox continues to receive from the development community. “SOAPbox has established itself as the preferred tool for testing Web Services security policies,” said O’Neill.

“Vordel’s SOAPbox is a graphical Web Services client which simplifies the creation of signed and encrypted XML messages for testing a secure Web Service,” O’Neill continued. “The product supports WS-Security and SAML, as well as digital certificates and SSL, allowing developers to quickly get up-and-running with Web Services security.”

The upgrade contains an enhanced tree view of security tokens in WS-Security, as well as a revamped look and feel. Download the latest version of Vordel’s Web Services security test tool for free at: http://www.vordel.com/soapbox/

About Vordel
Vordel provides security for XML communications. Our XML gateway and XML security server products enable organizations to deploy and configure security, both inside and outside the organization. VordelSecure is an award-winning XML gateway that provides perimeter-based security, while VordelDirector is an XML security server that delivers pervasive security throughout enterprises and Service Oriented Architectures. Vordel products are in use by Fortune 1000 companies, and public sector institutions worldwide. http://www.vordel.com

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