Windows XP Service Pack 2 Lacks Security Protections Unique To Seventh Knight’s Product Line

Vicksburg, MS (August 16, 2004) — Seventh Knight Inc., a leader in host-based protection technology for network computers, announced today that the Windows XP Service Pack 2 does not deliver the level of protection that is provided by Seventh Knight’s proprietary Officeware Clientâ„?. By adding Seventh Knight’s one-of-a-kind solution that blocks known and unknown threats at the point of entry, companies and organizations can take their security protections to a more serious level.

“Seventh Knight has created a powerful response to the growing menace of unauthorized applications, malicious programs and viruses by devising a fortress surrounding a network that requires authorized approval before processes can gain entry,” explained Luke Koestler, Chief Technology Officer. “Our solutions prevent threats before they even have a chance to cause havoc.”

What Seventh Knight delivers:

Speed and stability – Seventh Knight’s Officeware Clientâ„? manages memory in order to provide more available resources. Windows Service Packs generally add more code and routines (160 Megabytes for SP2) which causes noticeable system delays.

Encryption/Privacy – Seventh Knight provides communications security, unlike XP SP2.
Lazarus – Seventh Knight’s server technology makes rebuilding and restoring simple; your files are monitored for changes and can be instantly restored. With Windows, no measures are taken to ensure file integrity, resulting in frequently rebuilding servers and workstations.

Centralized management and logging – Seventh Knight adds superior accountability and centralized management, so technicians can actually see what’s happening instead of entrusting it to Windows security. The logs will also be centrally located without having to install syslog servers everywhere. It is a must for all companies to have logs available for audits.

“Businesses can’t shut down to patch every month,” explained Carl Pompei, Chief Executive Officer of Seventh Knight. “A company has to plan, test patches and schedule them when it will impact business the least. The latest worm, MS SASSER had patches available for two weeks before the exploit code appeared on most computers. There are just too many stations to patch, reboot and then test.”

Over the past three years, Seventh Knight has withstood the most serious Internet worms, such as Code Red, Nimda, MS SQL Slammer (Saphire) and Sasser without the required patches. The system receives buffer overflows as attempted unauthorized code is sent and immediately discards them. In an attempt to prevent worms, Service Pack 2 includes a personal firewall. While this approach does prevent some network-based worms, reports of decreased network performance and broken applications are coming to light around the Internet community.

Officeware Clientâ„?, Seventh Knight’s host-based intrusion protection product, prevents any program from executing on Windows computers unless specifically authorized by an administrator. This prevents worms, viruses and other malicious code from infecting network servers and PCs even without the release of an antivirus software update to detect the new worms and infections. With Officeware Clientâ„?, Seventh Knight extends customers’ ability to manage computer applications and security within the context of their larger enterprise.

About Seventh Knight
Seventh Knight, Inc., is a privately held developer of network and Internet security technology that includes network security software for enterprises, small businesses and service providers. The Company provides host-based intrusion protection for client and server security and network management. Its products, Seventh Knight Serverâ„? and Officeware Clientâ„?, secure enterprise, Government, small business and home computers by preventing malicious executable code. Seventh Knight’s products are distributed in North America by RTI, Inc., a privately-held, award winning Dallas-based software development and marketing company. Founded in 1999, Seventh Knight is headquartered in Vicksburg, MS. To learn more about Seventh Knight, visit

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