NeoValens releases NeoExec for Active Directory 1.0

Luxembourg, August 18, 2004 – NeoValens announces the release of NeoExec for Active Directory 1.0 for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

NeoExec is a major innovation as it allows the setting of privileges at the application level rather than at the user level — something that existed for a long time under UNIX but not under Windows.

NeoExec adds a new dimension to the Windows security model. The traditional paradigm is user-centric: a user is member of a number of groups which in turn are used to define the securable resources (such as files and registry keys) that can be accessed and how. NeoExec extends the model to include applications into the equation: it is now possible to control access to securable resources at the application level by means of application-level groups.

NeoExec is the only solution on the market capable of modifying at runtime a process security context — without requiring a second user account as with RunAs and RunAs-derived products.

NeoExec is therefore the ideal solution for applications that require privileges to be set at the application level as the privileges are granted to the application, not the user.

NeoExec for Active Directory fully integrates into Active Directory, without modifying the schema. The NeoExec Active Directory Management Console is an MMC Snap In and which extends the Users and Computers node. NeoExec Group Policy Objects are transferred to client workstations by means of AD built-in mechanism.

Features summary

– MMC administrative console integrates into Windows 2000/2003 Group Policy management
– Automatic policy distribution by means of Group Policy Objects
– Wizard based interface
– Simplified management for built-in MMC snap-ins and Control Panel applets
– Ability to select a group other than Administrators (Privileged Group)
– Ability to restrict execution of Privileged Applications to selected users (Authorized Users).

For further information on NeoExec for Active Directory, and to download an evaluation version, visit our web site at or email us at

NeoExec® is a registered trademark of NeoValens S.A.

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