Airscanner Releases Personal Firewall Beta for PocketPC

Airscanner Corp. today announced the public beta release of their personal firewall for Windows Mobile 2003/Pocket PC. Airscanner Mobile Firewall is a full-strength, fully configurable, NDIS packet-filtering TCP/IP firewall. It is the first personal firewall made specifically for the Widows Mobile PDA end-user.

Download Airscanner Mobile Firewall 1.0 beta here:

View the User’s Manual here:

Airscanner Corp. has also published a series of articles showing how to detect, remove, and reverse engineer embedded viruses and Trojans on Windows Mobile. Using step-by-step instructions, we show you exactly how to dissect CE.Dust, the first Windows CE Virus, and Brador, the First Windows CE Trojan. This series of articles will appear on a weekly basis starting in a few weeks. Stay tuned to for details.

Airscanner software is currently free for personal (non-commercial) use.

Airscanner Corporation, headquartered in Dallas, TX, produces the most technologically advanced mobile security software in the world. Airscanner is a pure research and development software company comprised of pre-eminent leaders in the field of wireless security. Airscanner technology is based on multiple U.S. Patents pending. “Airscanner” is a registered trademark of Airscanner Corp.

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