Juniper Networks Delivers Endpoint Defense Initiative To Enhance Trust and Compliance On Leading SSL VPN Solution

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 30, 2004 – Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR) today announced the Endpoint Defense Initiative to enable broader and deeper integration of the industry-leading NetScreen Secure Access SSL VPN appliances with best-of-breed endpoint security products. Under this Endpoint Defense Initiative, the Juniper Networks SSL VPN appliances leverage endpoint security agents to enable integrated provisioning, auditing, policy definition, and central management of both Juniper Networks and third-party endpoint agents through the SSL VPN appliance. Using Juniper Networks’ SSL VPN enhanced native functionality and additional open application interfaces (APIs), Endpoint Defense Initiative solutions establish the trustworthiness of client hosts at VPN endpoints – the critical portion of the network that needs additional protection against malicious software and policy non-compliance. The Endpoint Defense Initiative tightly integrates Juniper Networks’ SSL VPN with leading endpoint security Juniper Global Alliances Program partners, including InfoExpress, Inc., McAfee, Inc., Sygate Technologies, Symantec Corp., Trend Micro, Inc., and WholeSecurity, Inc. “While all SSL companies should partner with endpoint security companies, there is value to increasing embedded and default security measures,” said John Girard, vice president, Gartner, Inc. “Today’s leading remote access solutions must offer robust endpoint security technologies with simplified management.”

Available with both the NetScreen Secure Access and Remote Access families of SSL VPN products, the Endpoint Defense Initiative encompasses enhancements to Juniper Networks’ native host check agent and policy-based enforcement, as well as extensions to Juniper Networks’ host check APIs, to enable seamless partner integration. Native Juniper Networks SSL VPN host check functionality combined with personal firewall, anti-virus solutions, emerging malware detection agents, and virtual environments empowers customers to deploy endpoint security solutions that fit their business needs. “Having worked with Juniper Networks since 2002 to provide protection and compliance with our Sygate Security Agent, we see a great opportunity integrating the latest endpoint security functionality of the NetScreen Secure Access SSL VPN with Sygate’s new On-Demand ‘virtual agent’ solution,” said Bill Scull, senior vice president of marketing, Sygate. “The combined approach of Sygate’s Continuous Compliance(tm) with Juniper’s layered security delivers an unmatched secure access offering that meets the real-world challenges of information and network protection.”

The Endpoint Defense Initiative solutions address the full range of risks that endpoints can pose to the enterprise network by supporting both unmanaged and managed PCs accessing resources from trusted or untrusted networks. The solutions allow enterprises to conduct deep and broad security assessments before provisioning a VPN or extranet connection, defending endpoints through:
* native compliance checks and policy enforcement;
* policies that leverage existing endpoint security products; and
* policies that augment endpoint security with downloadable third-party agents.

David Flynn, vice president of products, security products group at Juniper Networks, said, “We’re committed to providing our customers with best-of-breed combinations between endpoint security products and our market leading SSL VPNs. The Juniper Networks Endpoint Defense Initiative represents the next phase in the evolution of our host check API, going beyond client-side checks to enable deeper partner integration and enable enterprises to assess, quarantine and remediate non-compliant clients. The Endpoint Defense Initiative solutions allow enterprises to provision access based on user identity and the trustworthiness of the client host. This composite of trust is a critical defense against the latest forms of malware.” Customers can now deploy the Juniper Networks NetScreen Secure Access SSL VPNs and endpoint security agents from a single appliance and manage both components from the Juniper Networks NetScreen Secure Access Central Manager and Administrator Console. Compliance with the Endpoint Defense Initiative APIs ensures simple, secure delivery of endpoint security solutions to both managed and unmanaged PCs.

The Juniper Networks SSL VPN supports Endpoint Defense Initiative solutions today. For more information on where to purchase, please visit

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