Spam Comprises More Than 85% of Email In August Says Email Systems

Spam comprised more than 85% of all email traffic during August according to email filtering experts Email Systems, which monitors the flow of spam and virus infected messages on behalf of millions of email users across the UK.

The spam was distributed from at least 25 different countries during August, including nations as diverse as Uruguay, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Moldova, Japan, India and Hungary. The United States and United Kingdom were the most prolific disseminators, with a combined total of 69.4% of spam issued that was of determinable origin being sent from these two countries.

In fact, spam topped more than 90% of the email traffic on no fewer than six separate days during August, with the overall peak on Sunday 22nd August Spam when spam comprised 92.59% of all email traffic. The lowest level of spam throughout the month occurred on Wednesday 18th August with the spam level at 79.56%.

Conversely, the amount of legitimate email peaked at just 18.34% on Monday 2nd August and was at its lowest at only 5.94% of email traffic through the system on Sunday August 22nd. The average daily quantity of legitimate mail for August was just 12.45%.

Monday 30th August saw the peak of Virus traffic at 3.4% – the lowest point of the month came on Saturday 7th August when virus traffic comprised 0.91% of email. The average amount of virus traffic per day was 2.16%.

Said Neil Hammerton, Managing Director of Email Systems:

“August has clearly been a huge month for spam traffic, with the average amount of spam at more than 90% of all email traffic – literally a fifth of the whole month! We have also witnessed that the nature of spam is continuing to evolve, with pornography on the decline and drugs and gambling both significantly increasing.

“Although the United States and United Kingdom are still the worst culprits of sending spam mail, we detected spam that originated from no less than 23 other countries across six continents – proving again that this is now a truly global issue. It’s certainly true to say that some of our clients would quite literally not be able to use email at all if they did not employ our system.”

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About Email Systems:

With the ever-increasing threat of email borne attacks, the issue of managing the flow of electronic information, ensuring protection with as little hands-on administration as possible, is more vital to business effectiveness than ever before.

Email Systems offers a comprehensive range of email management and protection services, available either individually or as a modular package for Enterprise, Home and ISP customers. Email Systems’ solutions is entirely web-based, ensuring that clients do not need to download or manage software on their PC or server, offering complete peace of mind with no effort required. With best-of-breed anti-Spam solutions capturing more than 98% of Spam to customers’ inboxes and anti-Virus engines that detect and quarantine 100% of known viruses, Email Systems offers customers flexibility to manage the flow of incoming and outgoing email from a simple web based interface, also setting up rules as required. Email Systems is proud to enjoy a 100% client retention record in its three years of business. For more information, contact or call 0870 141 7070.

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