Mindreef SOAPscope 4.0 First to Connect Development, Testing and Support

Hollis, NH Sept 14, 2004 — Mindreef, Inc. announced today the availability of Mindreef SOAPscope 4.0, the company’s flagship Web Services Diagnostics System. SOAPscope is the first product that allows for the complete capture and assembly of all evidence related to a Web services problem. With Version 4.0, SOAPscope is now the first to enable seamless sharing of these artifacts between developers, testers, operations and support teams – expediting the problem solving process and overcoming “finger pointing” delays. SOAPscope 4.0 also offers a number of significant new features including support for secure Web services using SSL certificates, and the industry’s first diagnostic support for the newly released WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 and WS-I Attachments Profile 1.0.

“SOAPscope is evolving as Web services are evolving. Now that many companies have deployed Web services and are building more complex applications, it is important to move beyond point-to-point development and testing diagnostics and involve support and operations in the problem solving process,” says Mark Ericson, co-founder and CTO of Mindreef. “This team lifecycle approach to diagnostics is the future for delivering agile SOAs.”

Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs) include loosely-coupled collections of Web services. Solving problems that occur between these services is a process that involves multiple parties, both within and potentially outside of the organization’s firewall. SOAPscope 4.0 introduces two new important concepts that advance the role of diagnostics for SOAs: “Workspace” creates a place to easily collect and organize problem data, while “Packaging” is the first file format to enable clear and consistent sharing of the problem data with the appropriate specialist. SOAPscope’s diagnostic tools (debugging, testing, tuning) then allow the specialist to operate on the problem data and quickly solve the problem.

“SOAPscope has been invaluable in testing and diagnosing our enterprise scale Web services,” said Simon Fell, senior member of technical staff at salesforce.com and author of PocketSOAP. “The new Packaging feature in SOAPscope 4.0 is an excellent way to support customers and collaborate as a team. A must have for every WS-Developer.”

Mindreef SOAPscope 4.0
SOAPscope 4.0 is a Web services diagnostics system for examining, debugging, testing, tuning and supporting Web services. Workspace makes it very easy to gather WSDL and relevant SOAP messages and all other artifacts related to a problem. Hidden elements like WSDL import files and SwA/MIME attachments to SOAP messages are automatically included. Once the artifacts are gathered, the Workspace can be exported and emailed to the developer. Developers import the artifacts into their Workspace, where the problem can be reproduced using SOAPscope’s Message Resend or WSDL Invoke features, or diagnosed with SOAPscope tools. New features include:

. SOAPscope Workspace: Gather Web services resources for a particular test or problem. Focus on the relevant resources viewing, testing, analyzing and annotating within the workspace environment.

. SOAPscope Packaging: Workspaces may be saved to a package file for archival and sharing. Use Packaging to create artifacts of your testing process or capture and share problems between customers, support, operations, test, and development.

. WSDL Closures: WSDL documents may reference other documents, which may also reference documents. The complete hierarchy is called a WSDL closure. SOAPscope 4.0 is the first tool that can compare, analyze or graphically view a WSDL closure.

. Testing Secure Services: WSDL Invoke and Message Resend now utilize SSL client certificates for mutual authentication. WS-Security compliant user and password header info can be included when invoking or resending messages.

. Support for New Standards and Technologies: Industry’s first product to support testing against the newest WS-I standards including the WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 and WS-I Attachments Profile Version 1.0. Attachment support includes features to test, debug and support services that include SwA/MIME attachments.

. Eclipse 2.x/3.0 Plug-in support: Use SOAPscope directly within the popular Eclipse IDE without having to leave the IDE. New support for Eclipse 2.x makes the plug-in available to a broader audience.

. Improved Scalability: As the sophistication of Web Services is increasing, customer demands on SOAPscope are scaling as well. Release 4.0 is tuned for better throughput, memory utilization, scalability, reliability and performance.

Mindreef SOAPscope 4.0 is priced at $99 for a one-year subscription that includes support and all major and minor upgrades. SOAPscope 4.0 is available immediately for download at www.mindreef.com.

About Mindreef
Mindreef is delivering the industry’s first comprehensive Web Services Diagnostics system, enabling application developers, service developers, testers, operations and support staff to address the problem-solving challenges of distributed applications. Mindreef is a private company, venture backed by Kodiak Venture Partners. For more information, visit www.mindreef.com.

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