Netilla Launches Secure Gateway Appliance Family of Application-Specific SSL VPN Products

Cambridge, UK. – Sept. 13, 2004 – Netilla(r) Networks, Inc., a premier supplier of secure application access management products, today introduced the Netilla Secure Gateway Appliance-C (SGA-C), an affordable SSL VPN appliance expressly designed to provide clientless secure remote access to Citrix(r) MetaFrame(r) Presentation Server applications. The Netilla SGA-C marks the first in a new line of quick-to-deploy, easy-to-use, affordable SSL VPN appliances that will be marketed to businesses via a broad range of distribution channels.

U.K. customers can obtain the Netilla SGA-C through Softcat plc ( a Citrix and Netilla reseller beginning Oct. 1. SGA-C supports 25 or 50 concurrent users; list pricing is 4,129 Euros for a platform with 25 licenses and just over 5,365 Euros for a platform with 50 licenses. There is no limit on the number of named users.

The SGA-C’s streamlined login page lets users launch applications quickly and easily, making it an ideal solution even for employees who have never used remote-access before. The Netilla SGA-C works seamlessly with the latest version of the Citrix Java ICA client, using Netilla’s unique reverse Web proxy SSL VPN access to securely gain remote access to all authorised MetaFrame applications via MetaFrame Web Interface — exactly as if the user were onsite. This allows remote employees, extranet users and business partners to remotely access Citrix applications without having to install any software permanently on the PC.

Powerful Security Features
The SGA-C offers a wealth of powerful security features also found in the company’s flagship Netilla Security Platform (NSP) SSL VPN appliances, including an integrated stateful packet inspection firewall and integrated client integrity options such as a secure virtual desktop and cache cleaning tools. For highly secure governmental and financial services applications, client-side certificates and revocation lists are supported.

Additional security features include password-based and strong authentication to a broad range of solutions including Microsoft Windows, RADIUS, RSA SecurID, ActivCard, Aladdin, VASCO as well as policy enforcement derived from information held in identity management stores such as Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP-based directories.

In addition, the SGA-C platform incorporates advanced Netilla features such as Virtual Realms, which allows a single Netilla appliance to be logically partitioned to accommodate multiple different user group requirements within an organization.

“Our new Netilla SGA family provides an excellent entry point for any business or department by offering application-focused secure application access management solutions for a reasonable number of users, at extremely competitive price points” said Reggie Best, CEO of Netilla Networks. “The simplicity and streamlined setup that Netilla is known for should make SGA an especially high-volume product for the channel, requiring little investment for most partners to play in this fast-growing part of the IT security market.”

“Netilla’s SGA-C should really ignite the untapped market for Web-based remote access among the large number of organisations who have Citrix MetaFrame infrastructure,” said Richard Perez, UK Security Manager at Softcat. “The customer wins on three counts: value, streamlined installation, and extending the value of their Citrix investment. We see tremendous potential for this product.”

About Netilla Networks
Netilla Networks, Inc. is a premier global provider of enterprise-class secure application access management solutions. The company’s ICSA-certified Netilla Security Platform line of SSL VPN appliances gives organizations the power to make their applications and resources instantly available to employees and trusted partners anywhere via standard Web browsers, while safeguarding internal networks. Netilla’s dynaTRUST policy-enforcement operating system provisions dynamic trust-based access to network resources on the basis of key variables: a user’s identity, entitlements, environment and client integrity. Netilla can be reached at

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