Menlo Logic Offers Dual Factor Authentication and Customizable SSL VPN Portal

Palo Alto, CA (September 21, 2004) Menlo Logic, a trusted developer of SSL VPN software for network equipment manufacturers, today announced the release of the AccessPoint SSL VPN Toolkit version 1.2, which includes new authentication, security and Windows Terminal Services enhancements. AccessPoint SSL VPN Toolkit version 1.2, with its comprehensive and mature feature set, provides a turnkey remote access solution for network equipment manufacturers.

Dual Factor Authentication via Client Side SSL Certificates

The AccessPoint SSL VPN Toolkit supports identity-based authentication, allowing network administrators to permit or deny access depending on whether a valid SSL certificate is present. Client certificates may be combined with AccessPoints RADIUS, LDAP, Active Directory or NT Domain authentication methods to provide dual factor authentication support. Identity-based authentication is a requirement for most security products sold to government agencies and is a prerequisite for FIPS 140-2 certification.

Customizable End User Portal

Now, network administrators can define the SSL VPN portal pages and icons to display on the SSL VPN portal. So if an organization wants to avoid questions and requests from users that are blocked from accessing certain applications, the organization can simply not display these applications in the portal web user interface. The customization includes an optional login banner message, web cache control settings, portal theme, navigation, and portal pages and individual applications to display. In addition, the network administrator can upload the company logo and set a user inactivity timeout at the user, group or global level.

Terminal Services 5.0

The AccessPoint SSL VPN Toolkit adds support for Terminal Services version 5.0. Microsoft Terminal Services enables clients to access remote Windows 2000 server, 2003 server and XP Professional desktops and applications. The new AccessPoint Terminal Services client combines the Microsoft TsWeb ActiveX control with AccessPoints SSL encryption and authentication software, enabling remote users to securely access Terminal Servers from the SSL VPN portal. The Terminal Services 5.0 client adds sound and print services and local disk file sharing. Remote users with operating systems other than Microsoft Windows may continue to use the Terminal Services 4.0 Java client.

Since introducing the first SSL VPN solution expressly for equipment manufacturers, Menlo Logic has strived to maintain its leading position by adding new and differentiated features, said Kasey Cross, President and CEO of Menlo Logic. Our customers must develop products more quickly than in the past while reducing R&D expenditures. But customers also need unique, innovative features that distinguish their products from the rest of the market and enable them to comply with government requirements. The AccessPoint 1.2 release illustrates Menlo Logics commitment to listen to our customers to help ensure their success.

The AccessPoint SSL VPN Toolkit is a comprehensive software solution that allows network equipment vendors to bring enterprise-class SSL VPN products to market. The AccessPoint Toolkit can be incorporated into products ranging from embedded networking devices, access routers, firewalls, IPSec VPN devices or may be developed as a standalone, SSL VPN appliance. The AccessPoint SSL VPN Toolkit supports Linux, Solaris, and BSD operating systems and standard SSL acceleration hardware. Because of it portability, many equipment vendors can add the AccessPoint SSL VPN software into their existing firewall or routing devices with minimal development or integration.

About Menlo Logic

Menlo Logic is a leading provider of advanced SSL VPN solutions for security and network equipment vendors. Founded in 2003, Menlo Logic’s products enable OEMs to quickly and easily integrate SSL VPN functionality into a wide range of networking devices including access routers, firewalls, content switches, intrusion prevention devices and wireless access points. Menlo Logics software solutions are purpose-built for embedded hardware manufacturers and provide best-of-breed security, broad SSL VPN client and application support, and a portable software implementation in a small memory footprint. For more information about Menlo Logic and Menlo Logic products, visit

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