Mocana Embedded Security Suite Upgrade Adds Broader Cryptography And Platform Support

MENLO PARK, CA – September 21, 2004- Mocana Corporation, a developer of intelligent security solutions for distributed systems, today announced broader cryptography and platform support, and a faster, smaller code set for its Embedded Security Suite. The Suite now supports advanced authentication processes for applications such as perimeter security, and integrates seamlessly with hardware accelerators without the need to create custom code. The Company also continues to gain significant customer momentum, signing new customers that include AMX Corporation, Centillium, Radvision and Performance Technologies. Free evaluation software downloads are available at

“Mocana continues to broaden its out-of-the-box support for device manufacturers and semiconductor vendors to provide industry-leading security with unsurpassed ease-of-use, flexibility and performance,” said Adrian Turner, Mocana President and CEO. “We’re excited about the expanded functionality and support offered in this release.”

Today’s manufacturers must integrate customizable, scalable and low footprint security solutions into their devices. Mocana provides an out-of-the-box, standards-based solution to allow secure Web or server-based management of any device over any network. Mocana’s software is optimized for embedded systems and eliminates the long development cycles and security vulnerabilities associated with custom-coded solutions.

“Efficient delivery of embedded security solutions is top of mind for AMX and our customers with many of the products we are developing. We are addressing our customers’ concerns by leveraging Mocana’s expertise as a world-class leader in intelligent security solution development to deliver our products to market more quickly and effectively,” said Peter Nohrén, vice president of engineering for AMX.

Mocana’s customers include Nortel Networks, AMX Corporation, Centillium, Radvision and Performance Technologies. Mocana also partners with networking products and services providers such as MontaVista Software.

Embedded Security Suite Upgrades
Mocana has made significant upgrades to its Embedded Security Suite to enable device manufacturers and semiconductor manufacturers, and enterprise end users to more efficiently and confidently secure device communications. Significant enhancements in this release include broader cryptography support, additional platform support and a faster, smaller code set.

Broader Cryptography Support
Broader cryptography support enables applications such as physical perimeter security, where remote badge scanners are used to authenticate an entrant to a building. New support includes:
· All major cryptography suites
· Mutual Authentication for SSL/TLS Client and Server
· Simple Certificate Management for SSL/TLS Client and Server
· Keyboard Interactive Authentication Support for SSH Server

Additional Platform Support
Mocana now works with most devices and will integrate seamlessly with hardware accelerators, requiring no custom code. Mocana now supports:
· Platforms – New: MacOS X, (ARC) MQX, pSOS, and Cygwin; Existing: Linux VxWorks, Monta Vista Linux, Nucleus, Solaris, ThreadX, Windows
· Optimized processor support – New: PPC; Existing: ARM, Coldfire, MIPS, 386+

The Suite is platform and architecture independent, well-documented and includes easy-to-use API’s. Support for additional operating systems or platforms can be added in hours. Mocana software integrates easily into existing network devices and systems using open standards.

Mocana Embedded Security Suite is generally available. An evaluation version of the software can be downloaded at

About Mocana Corporation
Mocana Corporation develops intelligent security solutions for distributed systems that secure communications to, from and between networked nodes (sensors, devices, servers and applications). The company provides complete security solutions to top device manufacturers that deliver industry leading ease-of-use, flexibility, and performance. Based on innovative technology, the Company’s Embedded Security Suite includes Mocana SSH Server, Mocana SSL/TLS Server, and Mocana SSL/TLS Client. Mocana’s security software is used today in mission-critical environments across a range of industries. Mocana’s current customers are projected to ship millions of units through the remainder 2004 and 2005. Mocana Corporation, a privately held company, was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA. For more information, visit

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