Unified Threat Management Security Appliance Available Under $2000 Barrier

EDMONTON, Alberta, September 21, 2004 — The Greencomputer Innovation PowerElf II security appliance addresses the needs of small business by providing an all-in-one “unified threat management” device that for less than $2000.

Businesses are starting to take notice of unified security appliances.

“We never underestimate the importance of Internet security to a small business”, said Tyler Monroe, Business Development, Greencomputer Innovation. “Greencomputer realizes that big and small business have the same requirements; just to different degrees. We have provided the software features that everybody needs in a smaller scale. This is why we can make our product so affordable to SMBs.”

Limited dollars to spend on technology and IT staff are often the main reason why many businesses are slower to adapting to new technology like UTM appliances. Greencomputer’s offerings fill this need by providing a low-cost, easy-to-use security appliance that stretches their budget.

Alliant Engineering, Inc. is a fast growing engineering firm that is continually adding staff and computer systems to their network. They needed a firewall and a server solution that would provide ample storage for their company’s files and projects. The company also wanted a solution that was scalable; they did not want to have to keep buying additional licenses for each user they added to their company.

“Internet security was always important to us, but the price and complexity of existing offerings had kept us out of the game.”, said Darcy Paulichuk, President, Alliant Engineering. “But when we saw what the PowerElf appliance could provide our business, we bought one instantly.”

The PowerElf II server appliance provides a firewall, IDS, web and email services, optional antivirus, antispam, file storage and more. This combination of services and features would normally be quite costly, but Greencomputer has managed to provide affordable, fully featured equipment. The servers can be custom-configured by the customer on Greencomputer’s web site (http://www.greencomputer.com).

About Greencomputer Innovation:
PowerElf® II is an inspired provision to Small & Medium size Business (SMB) markets requiring all of the functionality of traditional servers coupled with simplicity at an affordable price. Developed by Greencomputer Innovation Inc., the PowerElf® high performance server appliance enables antispam, antivirus, content filtering, internet sharing, web/email services, print/file services, firewall, VPN, intrusion detection, and a multitude of other functions in one pre-configured, and ultra-reliable package. Get to know professional-grade PowerElf® II Server Appliances, the right choice for any network.

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