Apani Networks Announces the Contivity VPN Client for Windows Mobile 2003 for Secure Connection to Nortel Networks Contivity Secure IP Services Gateways

Brea, California – September 22, 2004 – Apani Networks, a leading provider of in-depth security solutions for enterprise and small-to-medium business (SMB) networks, announced today the release of the Apani Networks Contivity VPN Client for Windows Mobile 2003 to secure remote access communications for end-users over Contivity Secure IP Services Gateways. Contivity PDA users now have the highest level of secure data transmission for efficiently conducting business around the globe.

Network attacks continue as a significant resource drain for IT, costing more than $25 million in 2003 for wireless incidents, theft of propriety information and unauthorized network access, as reported by the 2004 CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey respondents group. With 53% of the respondents surveyed reporting successful attacks, Network Administrators are faced with the difficult and ongoing task of protecting their network’s ever expanding perimeter and endpoints. The Apani Networks Contivity VPN Client for Mobile Windows 2003 protects PDA data communications from man-in-the-middle (eavesdropping) attacks as an example, by transparently encrypting the data transmission to the VPN server.

System Administrators can establish and enforce centralized security policies to extend remote access without exposing the internal network to unauthorized use. The client is easy to configure and can be mass distributed so end-users won’t have to configure complex addressing and security parameters. The Contivity PDA VPN client supports the most advanced forms of encryption including AES/256. System Administrators can select Radius Authentication with user name and password or RSA Security SecureID. Alternatively the end-user can be authenticated through Database Authentication (LDAP) with user name and password or Digital Certificates.

“Apani Networks continues to provide a high level of support for Contivity customers, developing secure VPN solutions that solve the toughest problems IT administrators face”, said Shuichi Ishiguro, CEO of Apani Networks. “Apani Networks will continue adding support for the latest OS and remote applications for a ubiquitous security solution to meet the demands of worldwide network deployments.”

Apani Networks has successfully completed functional testing of the client for Dell Axim X30, Dell Axim X3i, Dell Axim X5, Toshiba e750 and HP iPAQ 5555 PDAs. Other models are in testing and will be listed at http://www.apani.com as they are qualified.

The Apani Networks Contivity VPN Client for Mobile 2003 is immediately available from Apani Networks at http://www.apani.com. The list price starts at $50 USD per client. Volume discounts are available.


Apani Networks has developed a complete line of VPN Clients for Nortel Networks Contivity VPN Solutions. The Contivity Multi-OS VPN Client is available for SUN-Solaris, HP-UX, Linux and Macintosh operating systems. List prices start at $95 USD.


Apani Networks is a leader in Enterprise and SMB IT network security, shielding the network from attacks and providing in-depth protection for critical network data. Established in 2003, Apani Networks delivers encryption-based security solutions with centrally managed authentication, access and administration to assist System Administrators in defending communications across the Internet, the extended perimeter, within the core and from wired or wireless networks.

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