Latest Release of ForeScout Anti-Worm Solution Provides Greater Protection Against Network Worms

Cupertino, CA – September 28, 2004 – ForeScout Technologies, Inc., the leading enterprise worm containment and prevention company, announced today that its latest version of WormScout, version 4.0, is now shipping. WormScout, which contains and suppresses fast-spreading, self-propagating network worms, is now also effective against e-mail worms. All of the worm-suppression activities are automated: from accurately identifying the infection attempts, to complete isolation, and then finally, the clean-up process. WormScout performs with such accuracy that 100 percent of ForeScout’s customers turn on automatic blocking.

“With the advances in 4.0, WormScout is a more valuable network protection asset as it now integrates with the network infrastructure,” said Ayelet Steinitz, ForeScout’s director of product management. “For example, WormScout can now integrate directly with the switch so that the port of an infected user is automatically shut. Other available plug-ins include automatic generation of trouble tickets into existing ticketing systems (e.g., Remedy) and integration with VPN concentrators to block infected hosts even if they attempt to reconnect once they are blocked.”

WormScout 4.0 can be deployed at key network locations to offer comprehensive network protection at the site-level, distribution layer and the access layer. Other capabilities introduced with WormScout 4.0 include integrated network firewall capabilities that enable the creation of firewall security zones allowing more control over network traffic. In addition, end user notification of infection lets the infected source be aware of machine status.

“Network worms are a serious business issue. Worm storms are occurring with increasing frequency and the financial impact is escalating,” said Matthew Kovar, vice president at the Yankee Group. “A solution, such as WormScout, that automatically stops worms, especially unknown worms, will allow enterprise networks to maintain business continuity during worm outbreaks.”

Pricing for WormScout begins at $12,000.00.

About ForeScout Technologies, Inc.
ForeScout’s enterprise network security solutions focus on providing real-time, automated protection against fast-spreading worms and malicious hacker attacks. ForeScout offers two families of products to ensure network availability and business continuity. WormScout products suppress and contain worms at key points inside the network, while ActiveScout products dynamically block hackers and worms at the network perimeter. ForeScout headquarters are located in Cupertino, California. More information can be found at

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