The Syscom Group Secures its Network with iPolicy Networks’ Intrusion Prevention Firewall

FREMONT, Calif., Sept. 27, 2004 iPolicy Networks, inventor of the Intrusion Prevention Firewall for real-time network protection, today announced that The Syscom Group, one of Taiwan’s largest IT system integrators and a recent addition to iPolicy Networks’ reseller base, has deployed the iPolicy 4000 family of Intrusion Prevention Firewalls to protect its internal network from today’s increasingly complex security threats and attacks. iPolicy Networks’ Intrusion Prevention Firewall architecture enables the rapid adaptation of defenses against new and emerging security threats while combining multiple defense mechanisms that provide enterprises with comprehensive, real-time network protection.

“Information security is more than applying patches or tuning a firewall; a security solution has to protect our company’s infrastructure and assets from hostile threats without requiring significant investment in people to manage it,” said Andy Su, deputy director of marketing division for The Syscom Group. “We chose iPolicy Networks’ Intrusion Prevention Firewall for its completeness in providing protection against malicious attacks, including blended threats that are hard to stop with a point product. We wanted a solution where regardless of the threat, we had one system to deal with, one management system to configure and monitor, and one vendor answerable for our security. iPolicy Networks was the vendor that best filled our requirements.”

The Syscom Group needed to enhance its existing network security infrastructure to successfully defend against increasing network and content-based attacks originating inside and outside the network and implement virtualized security domains for attack containment. Previously, the company was using several, fragmented security devices that did little to defend its network from hackers and intruders’ crippling attacks and required a significant amount of time and effort to manage and maintain. As a leading global IT distributor, The Syscom Group operates its network like many global organizations that require centralized management and implementation of security systems in different locations while enabling easy information access and exchange.

With the growing number and complexity of internal and external attacks, The Syscom Group realized the importance of protecting critical resources, such as customer databases, technology and product data, while still allowing partners and customers access to appropriate resources. iPolicy Networks’ Intrusion Prevention Firewall system helped the company address this need while preserving network reliability and increasing performance.

iPolicy Networks recognized the need for a new generation of security devices that go beyond access control functionality of traditional firewalls, to combat today’s increasingly complex security threats and attacks. iPolicy Networks’ solution successfully blocks worms, viruses, malicious code, encrypted threats, blocks undesirable content through URL filtering policies, and mitigates DoS and DDoS attacks. Unlike existing security offerings in which multiple point applications are bundled into a total solution, iPolicy Networks’ Intrusion Prevention Firewall is powered by a single pass inspection engine that is capable of layer 3-7 packet inspection at wire speeds. It offers real-time correlation, and enables comprehensive, real-time network protection against blended threats.

“Today’s enterprises are facing new challenges in protecting their networks from complex security threats and other network attacks that disrupt the business, resulting in lost productivity, increased network cleaning costs and the loss of sensitive intellectual property,” said Gajraj Singh, director of marketing at iPolicy Networks. “iPolicy Networks addresses this pain point by offering enterprises comprehensive threat prevention at high-speeds while avoiding the performance and latency problems.”

About The Syscom Group
The Syscom Group, established in 1975, is one of the biggest system integration companies in Taiwan. The services we provide to our customers include: hardware selling & maintenance, networking infrastructure planning & implementation, application development and maintenance, outsourcing services IT consulting and training services and so on. Our business territories cover government, defense, transportation, telecommunications, banking, securities, insurance, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors, etc. Syscom has service centers all across the world Taiwan, Asia, and the Americas. For more information please visit

About iPolicy Networks
iPolicy Networks is the developer of the world’s first Intrusion Prevention Firewall product line delivering real-time, consistent security enforcement for enterprises, carriers and managed security service providers worldwide. iPolicy Intrusion Prevention Firewalls support multiple security services all operating in tandem through a Single Pass Inspection Engine,(TM) using a single rule tree. This unique approach to network security enables customers to realize a comprehensive security model that delivers network security at superior performance under heavy traffic flows. The Intrusion Prevention Firewall protects data networks from a wide range of security threats with no compromise to network performance while offering a significant reduction in TCO. It is complemented by the iPolicy Security Manager (ISM), which allows customers to configure, manage, monitor and report on security across the entire global network, enabling consistent security enforcement across the network and helping with compliance to regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA and European Data Privacy Directive. iPolicy Networks competes with Juniper / NetScreen (JNPR ), Check Point Software Technologies (CHKP), Cisco Systems (CSCO) and Fortinet.

iPolicy Networks is located in Fremont, Calif., and is privately held. For more information, please visit our Web site at or call +1.510.687.3287

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