New Panda GateDefender 8000 Series: The First Line Of Corporate Defense Against Viruses, Spam and Undesirable Web Content

Panda Software has launched the Panda GateDefender 8000 series, a new range of dedicated security devices to combat viruses, junk mail and unwanted and time-wasting Web content. This new product range is designed to meet the security demands of all corporate environments, keeping clients’ IT resources free from the effects of Internet threats at the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership.

The new Panda GateDefender 8000 series adapts perfectly to all network environments, regardless of size or topology. Panda GateDefender 8050 is designed for businesses with up to 25 users; Panda GateDefender 8100 is ideally suited for companies with between 25 and 500 computers, while Panda GateDefender 8200 includes two powerful processors to enable it to protect networks with more than 500 users.

Combining state-of-the-art hardware and the latest technologies for combating viruses, spam and other unwanted content, the new Panda GateDefender 8000 series can scan traffic at 30 Mbps and up to 600,000 messages per hour, completely transparently and with a minimum drain on network resources.

Pedro Bustamante, Chief Marketing Officer at Panda Software explains: “The new Panda GateDefender 8000 series is our response to an increasingly demanding market: dedicated perimeter security administered from a single point with no negative impact on the corporate network. The unrivalled protection offered by the Panda GateDefender 8000 series at the network entry point relieves the workload of other security systems, allowing them to operate more effectively without creating an added burden on the network itself. The net result is greater corporate security and productivity leading to a rapid return on investment.”

Powerful features – minimum resource use

Thanks to the perfect integration of hardware and software, the new Panda GateDefender 8000 series protects the corporate network perimeter against all types of viruses worms and Trojans, detecting and eliminating malicious code in the six most widely-used protocols: HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and NNTP. The Panda GateDefender 8000 series updates automatically.

The new 8000 Series includes powerful anti-spam features, to combat one of the most costly threats to corporate productivity. According to Spam Filter Software Review, in 2002, in the United States alone, junk mail cost businesses almost 9 billion dollars. Dedicating a server to block the entry of spam in the corporate perimeter can save time and improve productivity. Panda GateDefender 8000 series incorporates one of the most powerful anti-spam engines capable of scanning SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4.

The new series allows unwanted mail to be blocked according to the sender’s IP, the subject or address of the email. It also lets administrators set up white/black lists of domains and addresses, optimizing its effectiveness against junk mail. Each message is analyzed intelligently, using a system of rapid auto-training. It combines four spam detection techniques and also uses Bayesian techniques with more than 300,000 algorithms to reduce false positives to a minimum.

The new Panda GateDefender 8000 series gives administrators control over the use of corporate network resources, allowing them to immediately block access to unsuitable Internet content that could interfere with productivity or potentially tarnish corporate image.

Panda GateDefender 8000 series allows the filtering of URLs by category or by white/black lists and user groups can be set up with specific access rights (such as VIP lists of filter exemption). It also allows content filtering by file extension, control of Outlook and IIS vulnerabilities (exploited by malicious code such as SQLSlammer) and filtering of jokes, dialers and spyware.

Simple to use, highly scalable, exceptional performance…

The new Panda GateDefender 8000 series is designed to “connect and forget”, so it can be installed (without resetting network traffic), configured and maintained quickly and simply from any workstation with an Internet connection.

These solutions are highly scalable, and can therefore adapt to the dynamic reality of any network. Thanks to an efficient load-balancing system, the new Panda GateDefender 8000 series adjusts scan capacity to the type of corporate traffic and communication. The devices provide detailed reports and customizable alerts, so administrators have real-time data on network traffic statistics and the status of the protection modules.

The new range of Panda Software dedicated servers offers unrivalled performance, optimizing use of network resources. Scan capacity varies from model to model: Panda GateDefender 8050 reaches a rate of 5 Mbps and 120,000 messages per hour; Panda GateDefender 8100 can scan at up to 14 Mbps and 300,000 messages per hour and Panda GateDefender 8200 scans 600,000 messages per hour and at a rate of 30 Mbps.

New GateDefender: devices constantly updated against the latest Internet threats

The new Panda Software devices include the most advanced technologies:

– Transparent bridge system.
– Native load balancing, with no need for additional hardware or software.
– Fault tolerance and auto-repair. Panda GateDefender uses several partitions for optimum performance. Should one fail, the system will detect this and another partition will take over. At the same time, the process for repairing the damaged partition will begin automatically.
– Watchdog hardware and software fault tolerance system. Panda GateDefender 8000 series includes a circuit that receives signals indicating if the system is operating correctly and restarts the system if the signal is not received, thus preventing extended downtime. It also includes watchdog software to monitor the status of processes running so that if one doesn’t respond, it will try to recover it without restarting the system.

Panda GateDefender 8000 series also includes 24h-365d Tech Support and 24h SOS virus, all backed by Panda Software’s solid experience as a leader in corporate security.

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