Sproqit Announces First Full-Featured Outlook Companion for PDA and Smart Phone Users

October 4, 2004 – Sproqit Technologies, the embedded technology leader in intelligent thin-client mobile computing, today announced the launch of Sproqit Personal Edition. Available from mid-October, Sproqit Personal Edition is the fastest and most versatile wireless solution for accessing all the features of Outlook or any other desktop application from a PDA or Smart phone. For the first time, users can now remotely access the functionality of their PC with handheld devices through a direct, real-time and end-to-end secure connection. This empowers users to remotely access, attach, read and send any file on their desktop or corporate network from their PDA or Smart phone over any connection. And unlike Web-based or Terminal applications, Sproqit works even when it is not connected.

“Mobile workers want wireless solutions that are easy to use and rich in function, even when disconnected. Companies want security, simple deployment, low-cost and broad application support,” said Warren Wilson, analyst with Summit Strategies. “Sproqit’s new thin-client offering meets all of these needs — and may well shake up the mobile business-solutions market.”
“Sproqit looked at the current solutions and found that they were very limited in terms of functionality, performance and expansion into new applications. We also found that the main bottleneck was the anitquated store and forward architectures they are all using ,” said Peter Mansour, founder and CEO of Sproqit Technologies. “We decided to work from a clean slate to create the next generation architecture that would give users what they’ve been looking for – a reason to leave their laptops at home. If you compare Sproqit, feature-for-feature, with other solutions, you’ll see that it is faster, offers more features and has better usuability.”

With features like complete network browsing, sending and receiving attachments, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes, Sproqit provides a complete solution for those users who don’t want to spend thousands of pounds on an enterprise server solution. In less than 10 minutes, end-users can install the Sproqit software on their desktop computers and mobile devices and get all the functionality and flexibility they need, both online and offline, regardless of the size of the deployment. With a secure 128-bit SSL connection, users have with the following key capabilities:

” Complete Outlook functionality
” Ability to remotely access the desktop or corporate network from handheld devices
” Interactive streaming data
” End-to-send security
” Best of breed email and PIM including push functionality
” Unmatched performance over any network
” Complete online and offline functionality
” Ability to extend access to an unlimited number of rich applications with Sproqit’s software developer kit

Pricing and Availability
Sproqit Personal Edition pricing starts at £8.00 per month and will be available from mid October at www.sproqit.com. In November in the UK, Sproqit Personal Edition will also ship on every palmOneâ„? Handspring Treo600, distributed through distributor Hugh Symons Mobile Computing.

“We have been a tier one distributor of palmOneâ„? products since 1998 and have worked closely with the vendor ever since,” said Andrew Baxendine, Commercial Director Hugh Symons Group. “The introduction of Sproqit’s software into the market and specifically for the latest palmOneâ„? Handspring Treo 600 is a great asset for the user and the market. If you are looking for the full “desktop experience’ on your palmOneâ„? handheld then the Sproqit software is the ideal solution. As a renowned mobile data distributor, we are keen to support Sproqit and palmOneâ„? in launching this product to the market.”

Supported Devices and Operating Systems:
Desktops running Windows XP, ME, NT, SP5, and 98 SE can use Sproqit Personal Edition to support devices running Palm OS 4.1.1 (Palm Tungsten W), Palm OS 5.2.1 (Treo 600), Pocket PC 2000, 2002, and 2003, Windows XP.

About Sproqit Technologies, Inc.
Sproqit is the embedded technology leader in intelligent, thin-client mobile computing. Sproqit’s innovative, end-to-end secure platform offers carriers, OEMs and enterprises the fastest way to deploy rich applications to any device. Mobile professionals are provided with unparalleled speed, functionality and ease of use for anytime application access. Sproqit is architected to deploy any application to any device and offers the most versatile and secure solution to control desktop computers and servers remotely. Therefore carriers, OEMs and enterprises can roll out new applications quickly and cost effectively. Sproqit’s first release includes a suite of Sproqit applications corresponding to full Outlook functionality and network browsing capability. For more information visit www.sproqit.com.

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