Kaspersky SMTP-Gateway 5.0 for Linux/Unix Now On The Corporate Information Security Market

Kaspersky Labs, a leading information software security developer, announces the commercial release of a software solution which processes mail traffic for viruses, and blocks both unsanctioned attempts to access the system and spam.

The solution is a full-scale mail relay, developed in accordance with IETF RFC standards, which runs under Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD. Integrated cutting edge technologies ensure that the program provides comprehensive protection for mail traffic.

Multi-tier filtration ensures that messages transmitted via mail relay are free of malicious code. Both the message body and attached objects are scanned for viruses, and additional filtration can be carried out by attached file name and MIME type, with specially defined rules being applied to objects filtered out of the mail traffic. The program detects infected, suspicious, damaged and password protected message attachments and message bodies. When such objects are detected, the sender, recipient and administrator can be sent appropriate notification.

The functionalities of Kaspersky SMTP-Gateway enable clients to fully implement their corporate information security policy. All incoming and outgoing messages can be archived, and all suspicious, infected and damaged objects can be placed in either the quarantine or the backup directory. Such objects can then either be analysed by the system adminstrator or sent to Kaspersky Labs for analysis. Automatic updating of antivirus databases, with updates being released hourly around the clock and available for download via the Internet, ensure exceptional protection against viruses.

In addition to filtering mail traffic for viruses, the program offers a wide range of additional functions. Kaspersky SMTP-Gateway reliably protects networks by deflecting hacker attacks and blocking unsolicited correspondence, particularly spam mailings.

Last but not least, Kaspersky SMTP-Gateway is notable for its ease of use. System administrators are provided with a multitude of functions which simplify installation, configuration and management of the program. The solution can be used regardless of the company’s choice of mail client. It can be integrated into the corporate network as perimiter security on Internet nodes and within the mail client.

Installing the solution as perimeter protection will isolate the mail server from the Internet; this provides an additional layer of security. Installing Kaspersky SMTP-Gateway in the mail client means that no information about which applications are installed on the server will be transmitted beyond the company network; this increases the security of the corporate network. In addition to this, multiple configuration options ensure server load balancing by reducing the resources required to transmit data.

The management function offers administrators a choice of tools for configuration and management; either standard operating system administration tools such as command line parameters, signals, and modification of the application’s configuration file, or Webmin, a popular program which provides a web interface for remote administration. Administrators will also appreciate the convenient reporting function, which monitors protection status, and offers administrators the opportunity to view current statistics and program logs.

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