Syngress Publishing Announces Publication of Anticipated Nessus Book

Rockland, MA October 7, 2004 – Syngress Publishing, Inc., today announced the publication of “Nessus Network Auditing” (ISBN: 1-931836-08-6), co-authored by Nessus Project Founder Renaud Deraison and a team of leading Nessus developers.

This book covers all the latest features of Nessus and includes a bonus CD-ROM including Nessus, Snort 2.1, Ethereal, and other utilities.

Amorette Pedersen, Vice President of Marketing, Syngress Publishing, said, “We feel like we have the trio of Open Source security tools fully covered with our Snort, Ethereal, and now Nessus books. And with the involvement of we have created a definitive work.”

Chapter topics include: Vulnerability Assessment, Introducing Nessus, Installing Nessus, Running Your First Scan, Interpreting Results, Vulnerability Types, False Positives, Under the Hood, The Nessus Knowledge Base, Enterprise Scanning, NASL, The Nessus User Community, The NASL2 Reference Manual, Utilizing Domain Credentials to Enhance Nessus Scans

The CD-ROM contents include:
Nessus 2.1.1
Snort 2.1.2 and ruleset
NeWT v2.0 Scanner

Nessus Network Auditing
ISBN: 1-931836-08-6
PRICE: $49.95 U.S.

About the Authors
Jay Beale is a security specialist focused on host lockdown and security audits. He is the lead developer of the Bastille Project, which creates a hardening script for Linux, HP-UX, and Mac OS X; a member of the Honeynet Project; and the Linux technical lead in the Center for Internet Security. A frequent conference speaker and trainer, Jay speaks and trains at the Black Hat and LinuxWorld conferences, among others. He co-authored the Syngress international best-seller “Snort 2.0 Intrusion Detection” (ISBN: 1-931836-74-4) and serves as the series and technical editor of the Syngress Open Source Security series.

HD Moore is one of the founding members of Digital Defense, a security firm that was created in 1999 to provide network risk assessment services. In the last four years, Digital Defense has become one of the leading security service providers for the financial industry, with over 200 clients across 43 states.

Noam Rathaus is the co-founder and CTO of Beyond Security, a company specializing in the development of enterprise-wide security assessment technologies, vulnerability assessment-based SOCs (security operation centers) and related products. He has contributed to several security-related open source projects including an active role in the Nessus security scanner project.

Renaud Deraison is the founder and the primary author of the open-source Nessus vulnerability scanner project. He has worked for SolSoft, and founded his own computing security consulting company, Nessus Consulting.

Raven Alder is a Senior Security Engineer for True North Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in network security design and implementation. She specializes in scalable enterprise-level security, with an emphasis on defense in depth.

George A. Theall is a frequent contributor to the Nessus mailing lists, is the author of several popular Nessus-related tools and has also contributed rewrites of several of the supplemental scripts and associated documentation in Nessus, to be distributed starting with version 2.2.

Background Information
Syngress Publishing (, headquartered in Rockland, Massachusetts, is an independent publisher of print and electronic reference materials for Information Technology professionals seeking skill enhancement and career advancement. Distributed throughout Europe, Asia, the U.S. and Canada, Syngress titles have been translated into twenty languages. The company’s pioneering customer support program,, extends the value of every Syngress title with regular information updates and customer-driven author forums. For more information on Syngress products, contact Amy Pedersen at 781-681-5151 or email Syngress books are distributed in the United States and Canada by O’Reilly Media, Inc.

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