Take Total Control Of Your Computer With Handy Keylogger: Record Internet Activity, Capture Keystrokes, Receive Logs Via E-Mail And More!

WideStep Software announced today the new release of Handy Keylogger, a top-rated professional keylogger for Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003, available immediately for only USD 39.00 (the fully functional trial version is available for FREE during 16 days). Reviewed by Download.com as the most well-organized keylogger and selected by Crime-Research.org as the best suited software for parents who wish to monitor their children’s computer use, Handy Keylogger remains the undisputed leader on the market of powerful stealth products, allowing the user to record keystrokes, web-surfing, take regular snapshots of desktop activity, invisibly send logs to your mailbox, clear logs automatically and much more!

Handy Keylogger features a totally new generation of keyloggers that give you full control over your PC and is absolutely undetectable by other users. You will not find Handy Keylogger in uninstall list, running processes list, Windows registry, program files or system tray. All complicated internal keylogging mechanisms are totally hidden from the user behind the user-friendly interface which covers all required manipulations in a few clicks. You can install Keylogger and start using it immediately without changing any of its settings. There are 4 main types of logs taken by Handy Keylogger: keystrokes log (absolutely all keystrokes are captured and invisibly saved to this encrypted log), clipboard log (includes both text and graphics ever copied to the clipboard), snapshots (visual surveillance with customizable screenshots taking intervals) and websites (all visited websites are recorded). More details about Handy Keylogger can be found at
http://www.handy-keylogger.com or at http://www.widestep.com.

The latest version of Handy Keylogger has been enhanced with the following features:
1) Profound logs generator which lets you choose multiple dates to review the logs
2) New enhanced design of logs in attractive HTML format with easy navigation and search
3) Handy Keylogger is now even more invisible under Windows NT/2000/XP
4) Redesigned instant messengers recording feature

You can securely download the free demo version of Handy Keylogger at:

“It’s the best keyboard monitor for me!” – Seth De Ruyters (registered customer, USA) said. According to other WideStep Software clients “This product is excellent, really easy to use, as promised, with intuitive interface and very straightforward” and here’s what another testimonial is saying “The software worked as a great Keylogger for me at work and at home monitoring my small children”. So, don’t hesitate – you have the right to know!

Corporate profile

WideStep develops security software solutions since October 2000. Founded as offline company first, we moved online very soon and now offer our programs to the whole world. Our specialists help implement contemporary solutions in big companies, small offices and personal environments. Hiring only highly qualified staff, WideStep Software guarantees satisfaction to our customers and brings the most useful ideas and features to life in our software titles you can download and test right now. In addition to quality programs we offer FREE technical and information support services to all our customers and visitors.

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