Siroconnect Simplifies Access And Strengthens Security

Weybridge, Surrey, 18 October 2004 – Sirocom, one of the UK’s leading Virtual Network Operators, has today announced a series of enhanced features and user benefits to their critically acclaimed remote and mobile working service, Siroconnect. The enhanced service now boasts the largest global footprint, with over 30,000 access locations providing connectivity via traditional media such as dial-up, ISDN and wired broadband as well as the most comprehensive wireless access available including public WiFi hotspots and integration with mobile data services such as GSM, GPRS and 3G. Sirocom can now also provide and seamlessly integrate fully managed Home Broadband and Private WLAN infrastructure to create a truly complete service. This enables remote and mobile workers to stay productive and gain secure access to their corporate networks wherever they are working, at home, in the office or on the move.

Security features are also significantly improved and will enable organisations to integrate best-of-breed security components such as strong authentication, VPN, personal firewall and anti-virus support and to manage endpoint security policy in real time, prior to connection to the corporate network.

Servicing over 400 national and international organisations across all industry verticals, Siroconnect is a fully managed service which can be individually customised to suit the unique requirements of every customer.

Tim Gain, Sales and Marketing Director at Sirocom comments, “Since the initial launch of Siroconnect in early 2003, we have listened intently to our customers who have universally expressed a requirement to have a single, secure, integrated and easy-to-manage solution for remote and mobile working which incorporates all available access methods with the ability to scale for the future as their requirements expand and change. Siroconnect enables organisations to balance the challenge of providing a flexible service which is simple to use, with the essential requirement for ensuring that the access device, from which users connect, is deemed to be secure before allowing connectivity to the corporate network. Achieving this balance in a seamless manner means that users stay productive wherever they are, which is critical to our customers. Additionally, Siroconnect is simple to manage via the Flexivision online user administration portal which is included with the service.”

With users connecting from home, on the road, from hotels or their offices, a simple user experience maximises productivity and minimises the impact on IT support. Siroconnect allows users to connect via a single, simple-to-use client wherever they are in the world.

Secure access is essential and so it’s important that all security components are up to date and working in the way they were intended – a difficult balance to achieve without stifling user productivity. Siroconnect enables organisations to integrate security components such as strong authentication, VPN, personal firewall and anti-virus support and to manage endpoint security policy in real-time, prior to connection to the corporate network.

Since business change is essential it’s vital that a remote and mobile working solution can grow to accommodate the future. Siroconnect can be fully customised, supports any number of users and can be upgraded at a moments notice providing customers with the flexibility to respond to demands as required.

Users are increasingly requiring the fastest available access from wherever they find themselves working. Siroconnect provides connectivity via traditional media such as dial-up, ISDN and wired broadband but importantly incorporates the most comprehensive wireless access available including WiFi, GPRS and 3G in addition to allowing connections via managed Home Broadband and Private WLAN infrastructure which can all be seamlessly integrated within the service.

Users need to get connected quickly and efficiently, so the convenience of having resilient access is paramount. Siroconnect provides connectivity to the World’s largest virtual network incorporating more than 300 separate operators with coverage in over 150 countries.

If a remote working solution is difficult to manage, this can dramatically increase the overall cost to an organisation and also leads to the impression that the service is poor. Siroconnect includes Flexivision, an online user management portal which allows total control of user accounts and comprehensive cost management.

Ease of Support
Remote and mobile workers require support at all times of the day in order to remain productive when problems occur. Siroconnect offers extensive online reporting on quality of service which can be provided to IT support staff enabling easy maintenance and control. Siroconnect also includes 24×7 helpdesk support available as part of the fully managed service.

Gain adds. “Our experience in providing the Siroconnect service to many of the largest global organisations has enabled us to address the key issues faced by IT managers. We are confident that Siroconnect is the only remote and mobile service required – now and in the future.”

Existing customer, Andrew Farthing at Miller Insurance Services Limited, adds, “Using Siroconnect, our workforce benefits from a global solution that enables access to corporate email and applications from an unrivalled number of access locations across the globe-¦using such an accessible service means that our users stay productive and since it’s easy to use this allows them to focus on meaningful work rather than the challenges of connecting and downloading while away from the office.”

About Sirocom
Sirocom is a Virtual Network Operator (VNO). We have unique skills and total focus in the corporate VPN market space and offer organisations a better way to communicate with their branch offices, roaming users, home workers and business partners.

Over 400 national and international corporations and public sector organisations including JD Sports, HSBC, BSkyB and STA Travel have entrusted their managed VPNs to Sirocom.

Moving forward, Sirocom’s managed VPN services incorporate the latest technologies such as SSL, Broadband, MPLS, Wireless and IP Telephony with unique hosting and support capabilities.

An array of industry awards stand as testimony to Sirocom’s specialist expertise in the provision of managed network services. These include the Sunday Times TechTrack 100 and the Deloitte Indy 100 – both for three consecutive years, and the Deloitte & Touche Fast 50.

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