New Panda GateDefender 8000 Series: The Most Advanced Technology To Protect Companies Against Spam

Panda GateDefender 8000 series, Panda Software’s new range of dedicated security devices that provide perimeter protection against Internet threats, incorporates a powerful and effective Anti-spam module to prevent users’ inboxes from being saturated by junk email.

Spam is a growing threat that has a significant financial impact on companies. According to Spam Filter Software Review, in 2002, in the United States alone, junk mail cost businesses almost 9 billion dollars. What’s more, in 2003, 40 percent of the emails circulating were spam and each user received an average of 2,200 spam messages a year.

The Panda GateDefender 8000 series Anti-spam module is easily installed in just a few minutes. From then on, Panda GateDefender 8000 series will scan all the SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 traffic in the network, detecting spam based on administrator defined rules. What’s more, it does this automatically, thanks to its constant updates. The Anti-spam module also has a high learning capacity, as it can learn to identify spam messages using the messages sent out from the company.

The Anti-spam module also lets administrators set up a Blacklist to block unwanted mail according to the sender’s email address, domain or IP address. Similarly, they can also define a White list to specify the messages that do not need to be scanned by the Anti-spam module.

Four Anti-spam scan engines

The new Panda GateDefender 8000 series automatically detects spam using four different scan engines. Each message passes through all of them, significantly increasing the reliability of the scan. These engines use multiple techniques (rules, heuristic, Bayesian, lists, machine learning, etc.), with over 300,000 algorithms that reduce false positives to the minimum.

The scan engines incorporated in the Panda GateDefender Anti-spam module are:

– SpamBulk: Compares the message with an internal list of known spam messages that have previously been sent out in bulk.
– SpamReput: Checks if the sender is in the internal list of known spammers.
– SpamContent: Scans the content of the message, checking the style, design, language and text, breaking it down into minimum pieces in order to detect key words, even if the words are not an exact match.
– SpamTricks: Checks if the message contains technical tricks usually used by spammers, such as image-only messages, HTML obfuscation, etc. Similarly, it detects fraudulent spam, frequently known as ‘phishing’, whereby messages appear to be from a known company and try to trick users into revealing personal information.

These engines are constantly developing, thanks to the auto-training capacity of the new Panda GateDefender range and the updates. Every hour and a half, these devices connect to Panda’s Software’s servers to check if the spam detection rules need to be updated. These features provide Panda GateDefender 8000 series an outstanding capacity to combat unwanted email.

When Panda GateDefender has identified a message as spam, it can take several actions: delete it, forward it to a mailbox prepared to temporarily store spam or modify the subject in order to warn the end-user that it is spam.

Outstanding performance to combat unwanted email

Panda Software’s new range of dedicated servers provide outstanding performance against spam, optimizing network resources. Its scan capacity varies from model to model: Panda GateDefender 8050 can scan traffic at 5 MB per second and 120,000 messages an hour, whereas Panda GateDefender 8100 can scan 14 MB per second and 300,000 messages an hour and Panda GateDefender 8200, 600,000 messages an hour and 30 MB per second.

The Anti-spam module incorporated in the new Panda GateDefender range allows the network administrator to monitor the activity of the spam protection through a configuration and control console, which is accessed securely via HTTPS. This means that the device can be controlled from any workstation with an Internet connection. The devices provide detailed activity reports, so administrators can get real-time data on the status of the Anti-spam protection. The reports are customizable and they can be exported so that the data can then be studied or managed.

The Anti-spam modules in the new Panda GateDefender 8000 series also offers companies other significant benefits, such as:

– Increased staff productivity, as it saves a significant amount of lost time.
– Increased network performance, as it reduces the workload of the mail server. This also reduces internal network traffic.
– Protect the corporate image, by preventing spammers from using the company’s servers to send spam to third-parties.
– Rapid Return on Investment (ROI), as it saves administrators the time they waste reading and deleting these message.

About Panda GateDefender 8000 series

Panda GateDefender 8000 series is new range of dedicated security devices to combat viruses, junk mail and undesirable Web content, which scans the six most widely-used protocols (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and NNTP).

The new Panda GateDefender 8000 series is designed to “connect and forget”, so it can be installed (without resetting network traffic), configured and maintained quickly and simply from any workstation with an Internet connection.

These solutions are highly scalable, and can therefore adapt to the dynamic reality of any network. Thanks to an efficient load-balancing system, the new Panda GateDefender 8000 series adjusts scan capacity to the type of corporate traffic and communication.

Panda GateDefender 8000 series also includes 24h-365d Tech Support and 24h SOS virus, all backed by Panda Software’s solid experience as a leader in corporate security.

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About Panda Software

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