Menlo Logic Announces New Partnerships with Leading Security Solution Providers in Europe, Asia and Australia

Palo Alto, CA (October 28, 2004) – Menlo Logic (, a trusted provider SSL VPN software, today announced strategic partnerships with Digi-Sign in Ireland, Icily in The Netherlands, IGLOO Graphix in France, JetStream Technology in Australia and Anora Technologies in India. These partners will distribute or resell Menlo Logic’s SSL VPN Enterprise Suite and provide consulting services, training, and ongoing support to Menlo Logic customers.

“Channel partners are instrumental to Menlo Logic’s success because they enable us to provide the highest levels of customer service and support to our customers throughout the world,” said Kasey Cross, CEO of Menlo Logic. “Menlo Logic’s new partners bring a wealth of experience in selling, deploying, and managing network security products and will help establish the Menlo Logic SSL VPN Enterprise Suite as the industry standard for secure remote access.”

About Menlo Logic
Menlo Logic is a leading provider of advanced SSL VPN solutions for network equipment manufacturers and enterprise customers. Founded in 2003, Menlo Logic’s SSL VPN Enterprise Suite delivers best-of-breed secure remote access to any application from any location in the world. Menlo Logic’s technology enables businesses of all sizes to provide web browser-based access to employees, partners and customers. For more information about Menlo Logic, visit

About Digi-Sign
Digi-Sign is one of the world’s largest issuer of SSLs and is ranked in the Global Top-Seven Providers. With a simple range of Digital Certificate and related Security Solutions, using the Internet for business probably means using Digi-Sign. To Secure IT, Digi-Sign IT. Visit the Digi-Sign web site at:

About JetStream Technology
JetStream Technology is a progressive IT solutions provider specializing in secure remote access to corporate information and resources. Their business model is to provide technology solutions that enable business customers to become more effective, more efficient, and more profitable. Visit JetStream Technology at:

About Icily
Icily is a leading network security integrator and consultant that has partnered with best-of-breed security vendors to provide planning, configuration and monitoring services to its customers in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. Contact Icily at 31(0)30-291-9982 or visit:

About IGLOO Graphix
Located in Lyon, France, IGLOO Graphix provides network architecture, security consulting, integration services to its customers. IGLOO Graphix acts as a specialized IT security laboratory, examining clients’ computers and networks for security vulnerabilities and applying the necessary patches and configuration changes. Visit the IGLOO Graphix web site at:

About Anora Technologies
Anora Technologies is a leading IT Services provider that offers a full range of networking services from consulting, to integrated solutions and outsourcing services. Anora Technologies has extensive experience designing and rolling out high-level network and security solutions for large enterprises and government agencies throughout India. Contact Anora Technologies at

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