Panda Software Launches The Beta Version Of The New ISASecure Antivirus with Support for Microsoft ISA Server 2004

Panda Software has released the beta version of ISASecure, the company’s solution for protecting Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA) -including ISAServer 2004- from any kind of virus or malicious content.

ISASecure is the perfect complement to the protection offered by the ISA server’s cache and security modules. By means of a web (ISAPI) or application filter, it analyzes all ISA server through traffic, scanning and disinfecting all file formats received through HTTP, SMTP and FTP (over HTTP).

ISASecure includes a powerful, advanced HTML scan engine that can detect viruses and malicious objects hidden in web pages, neutralizing threats before they can enter the network. It also includes a powerful scan module that can be configured according to file MIME types.

ISASecure reinforces corporate email against possible attacks. Its scanning capacity at this level is such that it can detect and eliminate viruses in MIME or UUENCODE encoded messages; ZIP and ARJ attachments; various levels of nested messages; and even OLE objects encrusted in the message text. In addition, the Panda antivirus for ISA servers can block unknown viruses combining an advanced heuristic scanning system -with various sensitivity levels- and a powerful content filter module that can filter by message subject or name or by attached file extensions.

However, the ISASecure content filter doesn’t just scan SMTP traffic, as it can also block potentially dangerous content from the Internet (Java Applets, ActiveX controls and scripts) before they can be inadvertently downloaded by employees onto corporate workstations.

The new Panda Software solution doesn’t interfere with ISA server performance levels thanks to its exclusive VirtualFile technology, which allows it to scan files in memory without needing to copy them to disk and makes it one of the fastest solutions in its class.

Similarly, ISASecure includes PartFile technology which offers network administrators the ability to calibrate server performance parameters with security, by only retaining suspicious files for inspection.

ISASecure is deployed and managed remotely from a central point with Panda AdminSecure, the administration tool which also provides real-time monitoring of the protection across network servers.

The daily updates to ISASecure take place silently and automatically, incrementally adding only the information concerning threats that have appeared since the last update, reducing unnecessary bandwidth consumption.

The beta version of Panda ISASecure Antivirus can be downloaded free of charge from The final release version of the product will soon be available in Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

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