Dekart Logon version 2.20 released – Protect Access to Desktop and Notebook Computers

November, 15 – Dekart ( announces the release of Dekart Logon version 2.20, a user friendly access control software, that offers a secure and convenient login to Windows accounts without the need to memorize passwords. Dekart Logon easily protects access to Windows to keep private and confidential information secure.

The new Dekart Logon V.2.20 can be easily customized to allow users to display their preffered logo on startup, offers faster workflow integration and support for Feitian Technologies ePass 2000 USB token series and ACOS2 smart cards. The smart cards, tokens, flash drives and, optionally, biometrics, are used to protect access to the computers and lock them from unsolicited users whenever users leave their workplaces.

Version 2.20 changes:

+ activation process runs immediately after installation
+ allows to run scripts after user is logged on the system
+ added support of Windows 2000 style user logging into domain (user@domain)
+ allows to customize a system startup logo
+ allows to check automatically if new version is available
+ improved support for ACOS1 smart cards series
+ added support for ACOS2 smart cards series
+ added support for Feitian Technologies ePass 2000 USB token series
– fixed bug with activation in Windows 95/98/Me
– fixed bug with freezing in Windows 95/98/Me if user is logged by USB-drive and “lock computer” monitoring process is enabled
– fixed bug with no reaction on pressing the Change BIO ID button without an inserted Key
– fixed some GUI bugs

Home users will find this new software useful for their desktop and notebook computers. Businesses and organizations can now use Dekart Logon to maximize the security and convenience of their users, automate business processes and save costs. Users do not have to lose time attempting to enter long complicated password with no success.

How it works: The user connects his hardware key to computer (or to any workstation in the domain), and is then prompted for a PIN code. If an invalid PIN is entered more than 3 times, the hardware key is blocked. After successfully entering the correct PIN (and, optionally, providing his biometric data), the user is logged into the computer and has access to his Windows resources without having to type in his username or password. Whenever the user temporarily leaves the computer, he can temporarily lock the computer by simply disconnecting the hardware key.


Multi-factor Authentication – users can be positively identified for access to Windows resources via a wide range of hardware and biometric devices.

Secure Workstation – Dekart Logon can be configured to lock the workstation or to log off from Windows upon removal of the card, hardware token or USB drive.

Easy and Automated access – No mistakes trying to manually enter complicated passwords.

Hardware variety – the ability to choose from a large variety of supported devices, from different vendor’ smart cards and tokens to ordinary USB flash drives, allows choosing the device which would best satisfy user’s needs.

Authentication for multiple users and domains: Dekart logon can be configured to allow access to several workstations and domains with the use of a single card.

Supported operating systems: Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Pricing: A personal or business license costs USD $39.00 (Volume discounts apply). A student license costs USD $19.00

Download: Free during 30-days trial period.

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