Netscaler Forms Customer Advisory Board To Advance Application Delivery Systems

Guildford, Surrey. (Nov. 17, 2004) – NetScaler, Inc., the global leader in application delivery systems, announced that it is forming a customer advisory board to advance the development and adoption of application-intelligent networking solutions. The advisory board is comprised of IT executives who manage some of the world’s leading enterprises and e-commerce sites, including 7-Eleven, Inc., CNET Networks, JC Penney, ProHealth Care, RedCats USA,®, among several others. The commitment of these top IT executives underscores an industry-wide trend that application performance and end-to-end security issues are intensifying in the data center.

NetScaler designed the advisory board to be a collaborative effort that will help both the NetScaler executive team and the company’s top customers explore the issues surrounding application delivery. Results from the discussions, guidance and counsel may influence the product roadmap for the company’s award-winning NetScaler 9000 Series application delivery systems. NetScaler’s president and CEO B.V. Jagadeesh and Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales Sheen Khoury will serve as chairman and executive sponsor of the advisory board, respectively. The kick-off meeting is scheduled for mid-November.
“We view the customer advisory board as a working group, an opportunity for all participants to learn best practices and discuss new, must-have requirements for application performance, which will benefit everyone in the industry,” states B.V. Jagadeesh, president of CEO of NetScaler, Inc. “Our objective is to continue to clearly align application delivery with our customers’ business objectives, ensuring that our products’ value proposition continue to meet and exceed the most demanding performance, security and cost-of-ownership requirements.”

About NetScaler
NetScaler provides networking systems that enable the fast and secure delivery of applications by integrating a unique suite of optimization, security and switching capabilities. The NetScaler 9000 Series application delivery systems provide improved application performance and hardened security for many of the world’s largest enterprises, content providers and e-commerce vendors while greatly reducing total cost of ownership.

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