thawte Launches Innovative Flash Based Tool in Reseller Channel

thawte launches an innovative Flash based tool in their Reseller Channel which allows their partners to enable the resale of certificates from their websites within hours! thawte Consulting (Pty) Ltd, the second largest commercial provider of SSL certificates according to a study performed by Netcraft in August 2004, has announced the launch of thawte in-a-box in their newly enhanced Reseller Channel.

thawte in-a-box was developed in Flash by highly skilled thawte engineers and is specifically focused on the enrollment processes when customers are purchasing and renewing products. It can be integrated into a Reseller’s website within hours as opposed to weeks. The Flash based enrollment process means a Reseller’s customers never need to leave the resellers’ site. It also allows thawte’s Partners and Resellers to:

* deploy the sale of digital certificates on their site quickly and cost effectively using Flash technology that is browser and platform independent.
* make use of thawte’s API to conduct business on any website configured by the Reseller for this purpose.
* offer this capability to their appointed sub-referrers. Sub-referrers can, in turn, easily sell thawte products on behalf of the Partners and Resellers, who can monitor business and receive commissions from products sold by all sub-referrers that they sponsor. There is no limit to the number of sub-referrers a Reseller can have.

· seamlessly benefit from all new products or enhancements launched by thawte without impact to the Reseller because of the underpinning Application Service Provider model it employs. The application is hosted by thawte and not the Reseller.
thawte’s Managing Director, Bo Wilson, states “thawte in-a-box is yet another innovation developed by thawte which demonstrates our commitment to the Reseller-/ISP market. This channel now offers Resellers the best features and product range in the industry coupled with very competitive pricing and is targeted to maximize our Resellers’ effectiveness. Customers can be confident that we will continually enhance this application over time to address technologies and feature/functions our Resellers’ and ISP’s businesses demand to retain this key market.”

To find out more about this latest innovation from thawte, please mail or visit About thawte Consulting (Pty) Ltd thawte is an established, trusted Certification Authority – a company that facilitates message encryption by managing security credentials and public keys. thawte does this by issuing digital certificates to parties once independent proof of their identity has been obtained. It has issued over 514,000 digital certificates since its inception in 1995.

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