Livedoor and Panda Software Team up to Offer Titanium Antivirus in Japan

Panda Software and the company Livedoor have teamed up to launch Titanium Antivirus, the solution designed to defend home-users’ computers against all kinds of Internet threats, in Japan. Titanium Antivirus is recognized as one of the best in its class and has received worldwide praise and awards.

Livedoor is one of the most popular companies in Japan and an interesting detail of this company that can be highlighted is its recent announcement of its intention to establish a professional baseball team in Sendai.

Thanks to this agreement with Livedoor, Titanium Antivirus will be available in the main retail outlets in Japan. The product will be available entirely in Japanese. Similarly, the outstanding 24h-365d Tech Support service that makes Panda Software’s products stand out from the rest will also be offered in Japanese through Panda Software Japan.

“When we integrate Panda Software’s potential and Livedoor’s marketing power, it would not be an exaggeration to say that we can replace the key-players in the Antivirus market in Japan. Livedoor aims to gain No.1 share in the market with Panda Software!”, says Tomohiro Kato, Vice President at Livedoor.

Yukata Mori, Product Manager at Panda Software Japan explains: “this alliance allows the users in our country to purchase Titanium Antivirus in the best conditions for the Japanese market. It is a solution that incorporates the most advanced technology and which has proved its effectiveness at defending users’ computer against Internet threats. But this is just the start, as Titanium Antivirus will be followed by other Panda Software products that have also received international acclaim and which totally respond to the protection needs of home users, professionals and companies of any size or topology.”

About Livedoor

It has been only three years since Livedoor set out their software business. Although its history in this field is short, it has been growing their business rapidly and now achieved annual sales of ? 3,000,000,000. This success is the result of Livedoor’s developing careful marketing strategies for all business fields.

About Panda Software

Panda Software is one of the world’s leading developers of IT security solutions, with offices in more than 50 countries. It is an established pacesetter for the sector in innovation and expansion and is unequalled in terms of satisfying customers’ needs for the most advanced technologies, products and services to keep IT resources free from viruses and other threats at the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership. The company’s unique TruPrevent Technologies, the most intelligent technologies to combat unknown viruses and intruders, offer unrivalled preventive protection for all types of clients: from the largest corporations through small and medium-sized companies to home users.

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