Dekart Key Formatting Utility Now Available for Free Download

November, 24 – Responding to the growing market challenge, Dekart ( made its popular Key Formatting Utility available for FREE download and unlimited usage. With Key Formatting Utiility users can obtain additional benefit from using their existing smart cards or tokens.

Using the Key Formatting Utility, users can securely store their encryption keys and account data used to access encrypted documents or securely login to Windows machines. The Key Formatting Utility allows to format the card without conflicting and interfering with its existent contents, that’s why users never risk losing their existing application data stored on the smart card.

The Key Formatting Utility allows preparing the card for use with the following three-factor authentication applications:

Dekart Private Disk Multifactor – a 256-bit disk encryption software. The smart card is used to store user’s encryption keys to access their encrypted disk, as well as their fingerprint templates if biometrics is used to access the card.

Dekart Logon – a software providing secure access to Windows machines. The Windows account data is stored on a smart card, which provides a fast and convenient login without the need to memorize passwords or lose time on multiple attempts entering long passwords.

Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client – a secure login software for Citrix servers. All Citrix connections, passwords, server data is securely stored on a smart card, allowing for fast and convenient authentication.

List of devices that can be formatted with Key Formatting Utility and used for secure authentication with Dekart applications:

USB tokens

– ActivCard ActivKey USB token series
– Aladdin eToken R2 USB token series/PRO USB token series
– Algorithmic Research MiniKey USB token series
– Eutron CryptoIdentity ITSEC USB token series/4 USB token series/5 USB token series
– Feitian Technologies ePass 2000 USB token series
– Rainbow iKey 1000 USB token series/ iKey 2000 USB token series/ iKey 3000 USB token series
– ruToken USB token series

Smart cards

– ACOS1/ACOS2 smart card series
– Algorithmic Research PrivateCard smart card series
– Athena ASECard smart card series
– Datakey Model 310 smart card series/ Model 330 smart card series
– GemPlus GPK smart card series * / MPCOS EMV smart card series
– Giesecke & Devrient STARCOS S smart card series /STARCOS SPK smart card series
– Schlumberger Cryptoflex smart card series/Schlumberger Multiflex smart card series/Schlumberger Payflex smart card series
– Siemens CardOS M 4 smart card series
– SMARTCOS smart card series

* Except Gemplus GemSAFE smart card series.

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