Consumers Prepared To Pay Extra For Clean And Safe Internet Services

London, 3rd December, 2004 – StreamShield Networksâ„? – the leader in real-time, high performance internet content security solutions – today announces the availability of a specially commissioned report by MORI on Internet Risks and Threats at

The survey quizzed a representative sample of more than 1,000 consumers about their experience of the Internet and e-mail. Respondents agreed that spam, viruses and obscene content are a major problem – 60% agreed they are an invasion of privacy and resent people being able to send it to them. Over half (55%) said it wasted their time with a similar number (51%) also stating they found it distasteful personally.

The majority (58%) stated they look to their ISP to solve the problem, with 54% saying this is such a major issue they are willing to pay $3 (?2) or more per month on top of their Internet access fees to be protected. Importantly, two-thirds (66%) said they would switch ISP to one that offered a clean Internet service.

Andrew Radley, Senior Product Manager at StreamShield Networks, said: “It is surprising, based on the level of investment ploughed into Internet services that ISP’s have not reacted more strongly to the concerns of their users. This research shows the genuine worry amongst the public in using the Internet today and the expectation is that ISP’s will fix the problem. In offering clean internet services, providers can not only satisfy the needs of their subscribers but also pave the way for a cleaner, safer internet”.

About StreamShield Networks

StreamShield Networks is the leader in real-time, high performance internet content security solutions.

The company’s products and services identify and block threats – such as viruses, worms, other forms of malware, spam, pornography and inappropriate content – in the internet before the content reaches any users and harms their computer systems.

The company enables service providers, carriers and mobile operators to offer clean and safe internet services to their residential and business customers which can be tailored to their own individual preferences and requirements.

StreamShield overcomes the performance and scalability limitations of current software and network appliance technologies (which are designed for customer premises rather than deployment in the internet) through a unique, patent-pending silicon-accelerated content security engine called StreamScan?. Based on a massively parallel architecture, StreamScan can monitor network traffic and check for multiple threats simultaneously in real-time at multi-gigabit speeds regardless of protocol or application.

StreamShield Networks is an independent subsidiary within the Detica Group of companies.

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