Netsky And Bagle Make The Games – November Evil Top Ten

Paris, France, 2 December 2004 – The year is ending in style, with a new influx of mass mailers set to disrupt communications, steal credit card numbers, send spam and generally cause mayhem. Once again, the top is strongly dominated by Netsky and Bagle variants, with a sprinkling of Mydoom thrown in for good measure.

Bots and other threats have failed to make the Evil Top Ten this month. “The reasons for that are unclear, but we can only assume that the vulnerabilities which surfaced during the summer and autumn of this year have been patched since by a majority of users,” said Bogdan Dumitru, BitDefender CTO.

A surprising new entry went directly to the second place in the November Evil Top Ten; the Sober.I virus has shown, like Zafi.B before it, that it pays to learn a foreign language or two. We announced it as a menace, and it has lived up to our (dire) expectations. Zafi.B, for its part, has not disappeared, and has managed to rack up 3.9 percent of reports, which puts it in the eighth place in the BitDefender Top.

Competing for virus of the year title, Netsky.P is back on top, with a total of more than 30% of reported infections, showing, again, how successful and persistent a virus can be if enough people don’t care about it.

Name of virus Percentage of reported infections

Win32.Netsky.P@mm 30.65%
Win32.Sober.I@mm 16.27%
Win32.NetSky.D@mm 11.36%
Win32.Bagle.AX@mm 10.33%
Win32.Bagle.AA@mm 5.93%
Win32.Mydoom.M@mm 4.63%
Win32.Bagle.10.Gen@mm 3.92%
Win32.Zafi.B@mm 3.47%
Win32.Netsky.C@mm 2.89%
Win32.Netsky.AA@mm 2.68%

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