JH Software Announces of Simple Failover Version 1.20

JH Software is proud to announce the release of Simple Failover version 1.20, which is a new, simple, efficient, and in-expensive software-based solution. Simple Failover can ensure that the web services are always available on-line and ready for business. Every minute the web site are not available, customers are lost and gives a bad reputation. Companies invest a lot of money to ensure the availability of their web-services. Unfortunately, it is not always good enough. Web servers are vulnerable to all kinds of disasters. Everything from simple power outages and disk drive failures to floods and earthquakes can quickly bring down the web site and eventually ruin the company.

The concept of Simple Failover really is simple; it continuously monitors your web-servers to find out which are up and which are down, and then it dynamically updates your DNS records accordingly so that your domain name always points to a functional web-server. You don’t need any fancy failover routers or load balancing devices – just a Windows PC in a remote location such as a computer at a branch office or at a home PC to run Simple Failover, update access to you DNS servers, an a minimal backup web-site somewhere, for example on the same branch office computer, to redirect traffic to when there are problems with the main web-server.

Simple Failover also provides basic server monitoring and status notification. This is similar to other server monitoring software solutions, with one significant difference. With monitoring-only software, users might get a message on their pagers at 3AM reading: “Web server 3 is down – do something now!” With Simple Failover the message would read: “Web server 3 is down – but relax, I have temporarily re-directed traffic to server 7”.
Key features of Simple Failover:
” Software based monitoring and failover protection of different Internet services including web (http), mail (SMTP, IMAP & POP3), file transfer (FTP), and news (NNTP) – and new to version 1.20 is the possibility to protect generic TCP connects and use PING as a monitoring method.
” Works with practically any DNS software, local or remotely, via several flexible DNS update methods.
” TSIG encrypted signatures for securing DNS updates sent over the public Internet.
” Works with DNS round robin load balancing.
” Easy to use HTPP API interface for simple integration with other systems.
” Customizable e-mail notification of server problems detected.
” Extensible through scripting.
” Intuitive and simple GUI interface.
” Integrated online problem knowledge base.
” Configuration file in XML format for easy integration with other software.
” Comprehensive documentation in PDF format for easy printing.
” Runs on Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, and 2003.

Pricing and availability
Simple Failover version 1.20 is available immediately and is delivered in either a Standard- or a Professional license. Our pricing is based on the type of license (see www.simplefailover.com/license-matrix.asp), and on the number of computers running Simple Failover. One license (of either type) is required for each computer running Simple Failover.
Free trial software is available and can be downloaded from: www.simplefailover.com/download.asp.

About JH Software
JH Software is a privately held software development and consulting company founded in 1999 in New Jersey USA and now headquartered in Denmark. Our software is based on a vision of providing solutions, which are truly simple to use, yet provide powerful features. We make enterprise features affordable and accessible to small businesses – without the need for certified engineers. Our products include the popular “Simple DNS Plus” DNS server software, see www.simpledns.com, and the utilities like the “TSIG Key generator” software, see www.simplefailover.com/outbox/tsigkeygen-se.exe.

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