PivX Executives Discuss Company And Security Trends

Newport Beach, CA, December 6, 2004 – Executives from PivX Solutions, Inc. (OTCBB: PIVX), the leader in next generation host-based intrusion prevention (HIPS) software for Windows-based computers, recently hosted an international investor conference call and spoke at the Ziff Davis Virtual Security Tradeshow.

Rob Shively, CEO at PivX hosted an investor conference call on November 23, 2004 to discuss the current market demand for proactive security solutions and the dynamic leadership role PivX is forging in the sector. A digitally archived replay of the call is available by dialing 1-800-977-8002 in the United States or Canada, or by dialing 1-404-920-6650 in the Atlanta Area or Internationally. When prompted, enter ‘ * ‘ and then ‘068469’ to access the replay.

To read an entire transcript of the conference call, please Click Here [pdf format]. Some of the highlights that were discussed on the call included:

* Qwik-Fix Pro Beta has now been downloaded by over a quarter million users in 47 countries, many of whom are expected to upgrade to the newest commercial version that will be introduced in December 2004.
* Qwik-Fix Pro was nominated for SC Magazine Awards in two categories, “Best Network Security Product” and “Best Intrusion Solution.”
* PC Magazine recently had this to say about PivX: “Time and time again, PivX Solutions has beaten Microsoft to the punch in blocking Windows vulnerabilities.”
* Management team of PivX combines over 100 years of software industry experience; its members have helped build billion-dollar enterprises prior. The PivX Technical Advisory board consists of current and former CIOs of several large enterprises including, Xerox, Conexant, Hyundai, Southern California Edison, Unocal, Stanford and Fluor. This team is sought after to speak at many high profile conferences such as RSA, Black Hat, Defcon and more, as well as being published or being significant contributors to over a dozen source books.
* Qwik-Fix Pro deals with the root cause of Windows vulnerabilities, so one “Qwik-Fix” can protect against thousands of individual threats and variants including so called “Zero Day” threats that attack previously unknown vulnerabilities.
* Announced that PivX proactively blocked Mydoom, Sasser, Sobig, and other major threats including the recent IFRAME vulnerability, spyware, adware and Trojans.
* Disclosed that the potential market for PivX software is 550 million computers. Achieving penetration of just 1% market share would equal 5.5 million desktops, representing a potential of at least $165 million in revenues to PivX.
* Announced reseller agreements where Dell and Gateway are reselling Qwik-Fix Pro. Both agreements are generating 4th quarter revenue and will increase revenues significantly in 2005. PivX also disclosed that they are in discussions with multiple other major hardware vendors for similar agreements.
* Announced they now have over 70 enterprise clients that have bought the product or signed evaluation agreements with us. Many of those organizations are very large corporations with between 10,000 and 15,000 desktops.
* Achieved coveted Microsoft Gold Certified Partnership status.

Furthermore, on November 30, Oliver Lavery, Chief Software Architect at PivX participated in the Ziff Davis Virtual Security Tradeshow in a panel discussion titled, ‘The Risks And The Rewards Of Windows XP SP2’. The panel discussion is now archived at http://www.securityshow.eseminarslive.com.

About PivX
PivX Solutions, Inc. (OTCBB: PIVX), is an elite security vulnerability research product and services company that leverages its domain knowledge to increase the security of corporate desktops, servers and home PCs. PivX’s flagship product, Qwik-Fix Pro â„? provides enterprise level host based intrusion prevention against vulnerability pathways, exploits, attack vectors and threats before they are exploited maliciously. PivX also conducts highly confidential security-related work on behalf of some of the world’s largest corporations. PivX research has identified multiple vulnerabilities and ways to exploit many of the world’s widely-used Operating Systems and software including Microsoft Windows, Microsoft IIS, Unreal Engine, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Cisco IOS, and Turbo Tax.

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