SteelEye Technology releases LifeKeeper for Windows version 4.3 and LifeKeeper Data Replication for Windows version 4.0

Mountain View, CA – 8th December 2004 – SteelEye Technology Inc. today extended its leadership in application and data availability management for Windows platforms with the release of LifeKeeperâ„? for Windows v4.3 and LifeKeeper Data Replication for Windows v4.0. LifeKeeper provides data replication, high availability clustering and disaster recovery for enterprise applications in Windows 2000/2003 environments. The new product releases combine to provide increased protection for enterprise applications and data through enhanced system-level resource monitoring and recovery, support for iSCSI storage devices, support for data replication to multiple sites across wide-area networks for disaster recovery, and integration of the product administration functions with a central application and data availability management console.

“Protecting business-critical applications on Windows is vitally important to our customers, and we are seeing increased need to build disaster recovery configurations for Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server. These new releases of LifeKeeper and LifeKeeper Data Replication for Windows from SteelEye provide us the tools required to meet those customer needs and will let us expand the configurations that we can design and deploy” said Bipin Patel, Founder and President of Open Minds, consultants for enterprise high availability and disaster recovery solutions.

Expanded Feature Set
LifeKeeper for Windows v4.3 delivers self-healing systems, becoming the first Windows high availability solution to include pre-emptive problem detection and resolution to ensure applications are fully insulated from impending system resource depletion.

Added features:
? Additional health monitoring subsystem which detects patterns of system resource depletion and takes proactive measures to protect applications against degraded performance. Designed specifically to address system lockups induced by virtual memory fragmentation seen in Exchange 2000 environments and expanded to other resource depletion issues, this new monitoring layer detects conditions which can lead to server degradation and takes one of three pre-emptive restorative actions, based on policies defined at configuration time, to ensure applications are protected.

? Users have full control through the selection of appropriate action for their environment and are given full confidence in the uptime of applications through LifeKeeper’s enhanced resource monitoring abilities.

? Support for iSCSI devices, including the IBM DS300, and enhancements to LifeKeeper’s file share recovery mechanism.

? Full management integrated into LifeKeeper GUI. It is easy to manage both LifeKeeper and LifeKeeper Data Replication from the single JAVA-based LifeKeeper management console.

LifeKeeper Data Replication for Windows v4.0 delivers the widest choice of data replication available on Windows today. Organizations can right away build the data protection configuration that best meets their recovery point objectives.

Added features:
? A single data source replicating simultaneously to multiple geographically dispersed data targets. Data can be replicate across a LAN, a WAN or a combination of both.
? Use of Windows Dynamic Disks as Data mirrors. Other solutions are limited to the use of Basic Disks.
? Support for iSCSI devices. Either source or target data volumes can be implemented on iSCSI devices to expand data configurations and capacity.
? Low-bandwidth optimizer for Microsoft Exchange. When replicating large Exchange attachments across low-bandwidth connections, LifeKeeper Data Replication optimizes network traffic for the best trade-off between performance and data protection.
? Full management integrated into LifeKeeper GUI. It is easy to manage both LifeKeeper and LifeKeeper Data Replication from the single JAVA-based LifeKeeper management console.

“The combination of LifeKeeper for Windows and LifeKeeper Data Replication for Windows gives our customers the best choice for high level protection for the wide variety of business environments that people have to manage today. By creating a strong flexible approach to protection and data replication, LifeKeeper for Windows enables system administrators and network managers to economically achieve their data replication strategies,” said John Banfield, EMEA Director for SteelEye Technology. “These releases mark the delivery of product enhancements requested by our customers as they design and deploy high availability and disaster recovery protection for their Windows applications.”

Immediate Availability
SteelEye’s LifeKeeper for Windows version 4.3 and LifeKeeper Data Replication for Windows v4.0 are immediately available and can be purchased worldwide through a variety of SteelEye partners, including HP, IBM and a network of resellers and systems integrators across EMEA. For pricing and additional information, contact

About LifeKeeper
LifeKeeper supports the building of active/active and active/standby data and application high availability configurations of up to 32 nodes. LifeKeeper provides for both shared nothing configurations using data replication and shared storage configurations which can be built using direct-attached shared SCSI, Fibre Channel SANs or iSCSI storage devices. LifeKeeper clusters may be deployed either within a Local Area Network or across a WAN for disaster recovery.

In addition to the applications noted above, LifeKeeper for Windows delivers out-of-the-box application protection for Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, IIS as well as file shares, IP addresses and LAN Manager. Through the use of the bundled Software Developer’s Kit, any other application can be easily protected by LifeKeeper and integrated into the protection model.

About Open Minds
Open Minds provides software solutions, support, consultancy and training for High Availability (Fault Resilience) and Disaster Recovery solutions for IT systems.

Open Minds’ strong team of technical consultants offer experience gained from many years of successfully implementing and supporting LifeKeeper solutions throughout the world.

Open Minds serves customers throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, and partners with VAR’s, Software Houses and Systems Integrators to provide a full technical backup including pre-sales, installation services and support required to fully implement a high-availability solution on Linux, Windows and Solaris. For more information, please visit

About SteelEye Technology, Inc.
SteelEye is a leading provider of data and application availability management solutions for business continuity and disaster recovery on Windows and Linux platforms.

The SteelEye LifeKeeper family of application-focused data replication, high availability clustering and disaster recovery solutions are easy to deploy and operate, and enable enterprises of all sizes to ensure continuous availability of business-critical applications, servers and data.

To complement its software solutions, SteelEye and its Partners also provides a full range of high availability consulting and professional services to assist organizations with the assessment, design and implementation of solutions for ensuring High Availability within their environments. For more information

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