i-Guard.Net Launches the First Complete Email Security and Productivity Improvement Software for Windows Desktop

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) December 13, 2004 — Today, i-Guard.Net Inc. announced the availability of i-Guard MailPal, the first complete email security software and productivity improvement software for Windows desktop and notebook users. Unlike other anti-spam and email security software, i-Guard MailPal aims to maximize email user’s productivity and security by not only eliminating all sorts of productivity-impairment email junks but also offering seamless email compression and encryption on-demand. The use of email compression and encryption are on the growth as email users are finding ways to avoid their messages being blocked by all kinds of today sensitive virus defense systems along the delivery path, to protect privacy and to securely communicate with others beyond the corporate VPN.

According to Mr. Peter Pham, President of i-Guard.Net, “Today email users are over-burdened by all sorts of security problems and associated piece-meal solutions, i-Guard MailPal offers email users a powerful integrated solution to relieve the users from such burdens and, at the same time, to empower email users with total security, performance, mobility and flexibility.”

To get rid of junk email, i-Guard MailPal implements an effective anti-spam filter engine with close to 100% catch rate. To deal with email-borne virus, i-Guard MailPal enforces a thorough virus prevention policy designed to protect its user from exposure to known and unknown email-borne viruses and to prevent a virus from using the user’s system as a platform for launching spam and spreading itself to the Internet. Furthermore, through the seamless integration of automatic message compression and encryption, i-Guard MailPal enables its user to easily archive all attachments of an outgoing message into a single zip archive attachment for faster transmission and blockage prevention. Optionally, the archive attachment can be secured using highly-secure AES 256-bit encryption. All the user needs is an encryption key in the form of a simple password, which is then conveniently saved for later re-use. Thus, using i-Guard MailPal, an email user can quickly establish a secure email conduit with anyone from anywhere on-demand, provided that the communicating party’s system also comes equipped with i-Guard MailPal. Complicated VPN setup or security certificate installation is not necessary.

Small businesses can use i-Guard MailPal software to cost-effectively implement a productive and secure Internet email policy for the workplace, easily optimize bandwidth usage and securely communicate sensitive documents with customer and partner organizations. Individual users can take advantage of i-Guard MailPal for protection against email junks when retrieving messages any mailboxes, whether it is personal or work-related, while being able to securely communicate sensitive documents, share personal photos, etc. with ease.

For a complete i-Guard MailPal feature set, please visit i-Guard.Net web site. A scalable enterprise version targeting enterprise and service provider markets will also be released in the near future.

About i-Guard.Net, Inc.
i-Guard.Net Inc. is a privately-held company. It was founded in 2003 to develop and market next generation email content security solution. Please refer all press inquiries to our press contact email address on our web site.

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