Seventh Knight Launches Revolutionary Technology with z7 Security Appliance

Vicksburg, Mississippi (December 13, 2004) – Seventh Knight, Inc., a leader in host-based protection technology for network computers, announced today the launch of a technologically advanced security product specially designed for small, medium and enterprise sized businesses that prevents the intrusion of ad-ware, spyware and viruses. The z7 Security Appliance product will begin rolling out on January 1, 2005.

“We built the z7 Security Appliance to serve the needs of both the small and enterprise sized business operation with a limited IT budget,” explained Luke Koestler, President of Seventh Knight. “Ad-ware, spyware and viruses pose serious problems for companies of all sizes. At even greater risk is a growing business which lacks the financial and personnel resources to dedicate to combating these threats on a constant basis. Seventh Knight’s z7 Security Appliance requires no administrator intervention or technical skills and training for effective operation. The z7 Security Appliance is available for a one-time fee and requires no updates; so, most ad-ware, spyware and viruses are completely stopped without ever needing to run updates or pay recurring fees for the latest software versions.”

While most companies, large and small, now use Anti-virus and Firewall solutions, spyware, ad-ware and viruses still infect their systems. According to a recent article, “Corporate PCs ‘riddled with spyware’,” published by The Register??, the average corporate PC has 20 pieces of ad-ware or spyware running at any given moment, while the average consumer PC has 26. Anti-virus software charges a recurring fee for required updates, slows down the average computer and does not address the threat of ad-ware or spyware. The z7 Security Appliance works with or without Anti-virus or Firewall products, allowing infected email messages and websites to be opened safely without updates or recurring fees.

The z7 Security Appliance features a state-of-the-art Pentium 4 Processor mounted in a brushed aluminum small form factor (SFF) chassis. Incorporated in its software engine are Seventh Knight’s three revolutionary patent-pending technologies: Process Authentication, Lazarus Creation Engine and Kernel Level Auditing. The z7 Security Appliance is easy to use so even the most technically unsophisticated user can effectively protect their corporate or small business network by simply plugging it in and turning it on. And, the z7 Security Appliance also protects customer records, credit card information, medical records and other sensitive data from unauthorized programs such as spyware or Trojan horses.

Seventh Knight offers businesses the ability to license from five to 1,250 computers per z7 Security Appliance and the flexibility of adding or removing computers at company’s own pace. An optional rack mount device is also available. “The z7 Security Appliance will pay for itself many times over by increasing productivity, speeding up your network and reducing service calls due to viruses, constant pop-up ads and spyware,” explained Mr. Koestler. .

About Seventh Knight

Seventh Knight, Inc., is a privately held developer of network and Internet security technology that includes network security software for enterprises, small businesses and service providers. The Company provides host-based intrusion protection for client and server security and network management. Its products — Seventh Knight Server, Officeware Client and the z7 Security Appliance — secure enterprise, Government, small business and home computers by preventing malicious executable code. Founded in 1999, Seventh Knight is headquartered in Vicksburg, Mississippi. To learn more about Seventh Knight, visit

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