pcInternet Patrol Turns the Release of a Windows Firewall Into an Opportunity to Expand Its Market Share

(PRWEB) December 15, 2004 — pcInternet Patrolâ„? https://www.pcinternetpatrol.com turns the release of a Windows Firewall into an opportunity to expand its market share.

The release of Windows Firewall (WF) will make virtually every computer user aware of the need for a personal firewall and application control, thereby enormously expanding a personal firewall market.

On the other hand in the area of application control WF is not offering anything beyond “if you think it is a good program, allow it to connect”.

Users will inevitably realize that without an expert analysis an application control is just an irresponsible guess.

pcInternet Patrolâ„? https://www.pcinternetpatrol.com is positioned to take advantage of expanded user awareness by offering them exclusive real-time, modules-level, automated application control.

Since pcInternet Patrol https://www.pcinternetpatrol.com is not a gateway solution, it does not require onsite administration and therefore is marketed to any size business as well as to individuals.

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