BitDefender Pushes Security Updates To Linux Mail Servers

Paris, 22 December 2004 – The 1.6.1 generation of BitDefender for Linux Mail Servers was enriched today with three more dedicated products, BitDefender for Sendmail, Sendmail-Milter and Postfix mail servers, and with a generic SMTP proxy scanner, designed to be compatible with most other mail servers running on *nix systems.

The released products feature, among other things, a brand new technology, entitled “Update Pushing” which allows updates to be automatically “pushed” from BitDefender servers to BitDefender clients, instead of being checked and “pulled” by the clients themselves from the update servers.

This allows BitDefender to minimize the window of vulnerability in case of virus outbreaks, deploying virus signatures, scanning engines or antispam definitions in just a few seconds since the virus or the attack has been detected by the BitDefender Labs.

Furthermore, the products come with a completely new statistics module, which implements persistent counters for emails, files and objects. Statistics are stored in an eye-friendly xml file, and can also be viewed either in console (locally) or remotely, via the BitDefender Remote Admin. Thus, the network administrator has a crystal clear picture of the ongoing mail traffic, as well as of the increased productivity yielded by BitDefender.

Another key addition to the feature set of the new products, BitDefender Swiss Army kniFE (bdsafe), is a tool introduced in the new generation, which is capable of patching any and all installed BitDefender components. This tool enables a previously-unheard of ability: that of patching installed products on-the-fly.

As BitDefender Business Line Manager Mircea Mitu declared, “The bottom line is that all BitDefender users should upgrade their products to the latest available version. Now! Moreover, if you haven’t yet considered migrating to BitDefender for Linux Mail Servers, there’s a dozen of good reasons for doing that…”

At the same time with the launch of the new products, two discussion lists for BitDefender products on Unix and Unix-like platforms were initiated, in order to bring together all BitDefender users and to provide an online community for CIOs and security professionals who have to defend their network infrastructure and protect the corporate communication flows against spam, viruses and other malware. Find out more info about the BitDefender lists at:

All these new antivirus and antispam mail filtering products from BitDefender are available now on the BitDefender website ( for a full 30 days evaluation. Local BitDefender partners may be contacted in order to get a quotation for BitDefender security solutions for corporate network.

About BitDefender(tm)
BitDefender(tm) provides security solutions to satisfy the protection requirements of today’s computing environment, delivering effective threat management for over 38 million home and corporate users in more than 100 countries. BitDefender(tm) Antivirus is certified by all the major independent reviewers in the antivirus field – ICSA Labs, CheckMark and Virus Bulletin.

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