Lurhq Protects Clients From New, Emerging Threats With Remote Malware Eradication Technology

CHICAGO, Dec. 29, 2004—LURHQ, the leader in Managed Security Services for security professionals, today announced the launch of its newly-developed Remote Malware Eradication Technology. LURHQ is the only Managed Security Service Provider to provide clients with a web-based, non-intrusive application to facilitate remote consultation and remediation.

LURHQ’s Malware Eradication Technology identifies the resources running on a potentially infected system, enabling LURHQ’s Intrusion Analysts to identify any corresponding malware associated with those resources. Once identified, LURHQ analysts create a template to remove all malware components from the system, ensuring client environments remain free of thousands of trojan and virus variants, as well as rapidly remediate systems in the event of a new outbreak.

“Each week, dozens of new trojan variants and other forms of malware are released across the Internet making it virtually impossible for the Anti-Virus vendors to create signatures for every new threat,” said LURHQ Senior Threat Researcher Joe Stewart. “Once we identify suspicious activity on a client’s site, we leverage our Remote Malware Eradication Technology to identify, capture, analyze and remove any malware whether AV companies have developed a signature for the threat or not.”

LURHQ performs all identification and remediation activities from its two 24X7 Secure Operations Centers in Myrtle Beach, SC and Chicago. LURHQ has successfully cleaned dozens of custom Trojans and several new IRC ‘Bots’ since first deploying Remote Malware Eradiction Technology. The technology is packaged as a value-add offering to LURHQ’s Managed Intrusion Prevention, Managed Intrusion Detection, Managed Enterprise Security Monitoring and Managed Firewall services.

About LURHQ Corporation

LURHQ is the leading provider of Managed Security Services for security professionals. Founded in 1996, LURHQ empowers security professionals across its extensive base of enterprise clients through an integrated suite of Managed Security Services designed to deliver an effective Threat Management solution. Threat Management provides true protection by integrating scanning, intelligence, management and monitoring processes resulting in each process being more effective and efficient. Additionally, LURHQ’s OPEN Service Delivery keeps clients in control and results in a true partnership for maximum protection. The combination of LURHQ’s suite of services and service delivery methodology enables clients to enhance their security posture while reducing overall security program costs. For more information visit

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