Higwall Enterprise 3.0 Selected by Sarasota County Government

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) January 4, 2005 — Highwall Technologies, a leading provider of WLAN monitoring software and hardware, today announced Sarasota County Government has selected and implemented Highwall Enterprise 3.0 as their WLAN Intrusion Prevention and Detection platform. The implementation spanned fifteen (15) separate buildings each monitored by Highwall Sentinel and Scout devices reporting to the centralized Highwall Management Server. The total implementation was executed over a two day period, and currently monitors over 3,000,000 square feet of airspace.

“Wireless devices, for all their benefits, carry with them significant new threats against an organizations network”, stated Bob Hansen, CIO of Sarasota County. “Our large employee base combined with the county’s distributed work environments totaling over 200 independent locations, required a centrally managed solution that could provide us with the coverage and insurance that our network was protected from unauthorized wireless devices and their associated vulnerabilities. Our monitoring requirements simply exceeded the inconsistency of simple handheld solutions. We needed an enterprise solution that provided the vigilance and scalability at a sensible cost. This is why we selected Highwall Enterprise 3.0.”

Highwall Enterprise 3.0 combines the extended functionality of centralized management server software with the power of high-range sensors and specialized antennas to enable administrators to better enforce WLAN security and performance policies across the entire enterprise.

“This implementation is the ideal example of the power inherent in Highwall Enterprise 3.0”, said Rich Swier, CEO of Highwall Technologies. “The handheld solution the county was employing lacked the 24/7 vigilance. The overlay network architectures proposed by the competitors required too many sensors, were too costly to wire, and lacked the scalability. In contrast, Highwall Enterprise 3.0 was installed and configured in less than two days using the county’s existing infrastructure. This project demonstrates our solution’s tremendous value and cost advantage to clients seeking a solution for WLAN Intrusion and Prevention.”

The Sarasota County project required the implementation of fifteen Highwall Sentinels, thirty Highwall Scouts, and the Highwall Management Server. The latter provides Sarasota County with a threat level snapshot to display the overall security risk of their network environment. Highwall Enterprise 3.0 will provide Sarasota County with views across their multiple buildings and networks to comprehensively address the security risks that arise in the course of monitoring for wireless devices, networks and activity.

Pricing and Availability
The Highwall Enterprise 3.0 starter package is priced at $4,995, and is available now. For additional information please call Highwall at 941.362.3502 or e-mail e-mail protected from spam bots

About Highwall Technologies
Highwall Technologies designs and develops next generation software and hardware that supports the security and management of WLANs and protects wired networks from unauthorized wireless devices.

Highwall Technologies sells the Enterprise 3.0 system that delivers 24×7 surveillance of the airspace at extended ranges plus identifies the physical location of wireless devices in a building. Capable of supporting multiple buildings and hundreds of sensors reporting security and performance information, Enterprise 3.0 is the best-of-breed solution for WLAN monitoring in the marketplace today. Additional information about Highwall Technologies is available at www.highwalltech.com.

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