Cloudmark Closes 2004 on a Winning Note

SAN FRANCISCO — January 6, 2005 — CloudmarkTM Inc., the company that delivers the immune system for email, today announced that its Cloudmark enterprise spam and fraud solution was recognized in Network World’s review on December 20, 2004 as one of the top email security solutions currently available. Reviewers cited “for outstanding spam control, the uncluttered approach of Cloudmark is your best bet.” Additionally, the Cloudmark SafetyBar desktop solution continued to garner recognition for its outstanding performance scoring 4.5 out of 5 in Editors Rating and winning Best of the Year Award in PC Magazine’s December, 2004 issue.

Network World selected Cloudmark as one of 10 finalists from over 40 vendors for its spam catch rate (including false-positive and false-negative rates), performance and throughput. Cloudmark’s enterprise solution also scored the highest results in application performance and was praised for the “Zen-like simplicity of its interface.”

“The recent Network World evaluation recognizes Cloudmark’s leading high accuracy rates and validates the growing number of enterprise customers from more than 1200 leading corporations choosing our enterprise solutions,” said Karl Jacob, CEO for Cloudmark.

Jon Scarantino, Senior Network/Telecom Analyst from Fidelity stated, “Cloudmark has saved me a lot of time that I used to spend chasing down spam and creating word rules and filters. I rely on the software to stop spam, so I can worry about other IT issues now. Also, because I don’t get any calls from my end users about spam, I have reduced my support costs.”

Following the Network World review, Cloudmark introduced a revolutionary new version of its enterprise solution called Cloudmark Immunity, providing advanced protection across all industries. Immunity has the added benefit of automatically learning and adapting to the preferences of the enterprise and its employees to provide a superior predictive defense against spam and other messaging abuse, while still allowing desired email to be delivered. Immunity is able to do this since it is the first and only anti-spam solution to combine Email Genetic Mapping (EGM) with nD Visualizer technology – advanced techniques for automatically adapting and predicting future threats and individual needs. Because of this unique capability, it is also the first ever solution to achieve 100% accuracy and zero false positives.

In addition to being recognized by Network World for its leading enterprise email security solution, Cloudmark SafetyBar (formerly SpamNet) stands alone as the world’s most award-winning email security desktop solution, by scoring the highest accuracy rate in PC Magazine’s last four reviews (including the recent 4.5 out of 5 Editors Rating and Best of the Year Award 2004), while registering consecutive zero false positives in the magazine’s last two reviews. Cloudmark SafetyBar remains undefeated as the best desktop spam protection this year, having consistently garnered top accuracy to win PC World’s Best Buy, PC World 2004 World Class Award for Best Spam Filter, PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice and PC Magazine’s 5 Stars for accuracy among other industry awards.

About Cloudmark, Inc.

Founded in 2001, Cloudmarkâ„? is the company that delivers the immune system for email. The company offers tailored anti-spam and anti-fraud solutions for the individual user, small and medium businesses (SMBs), large enterprises and service providers to bring immediate relief to thousands of businesses and more than 1.1 million individuals in 153 countries using its solutions today.

Cloudmark invented the highly effective spamDNA technology, the recent innovation of Email Genetic Mappingâ„? coupled with Cloudmark’s revolutionary nDimensional technology and the first peer-to-peer, real-time, SpamFighting community in 1998.

CTO Jordan Ritter, also co-founder of Napster, and Vipul Ved Prakash, chief scientist and author of Vipul’s Razor founded Cloudmark. Prominent venture capital firms Ignition Partners, Presidio Venture Partners, a Sumitomo Corporation company, and FTVentures back the company. For more information about Cloudmark, visit the company’s web site at: ##### Cloudmark, the Cloudmark logo, SpamNet, SafetyBar, Email Genetic Map (EGM), Trust Evaluation System (TeS) and Email Genetic Mapping are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cloudmark Inc., for use in the United States and other countries. All other product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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