Launches Click Fraud Awareness Campaign

(PRWEB) January 13, 2005 — There is a growing disturbing trend in the online search engines, which according to Google’s CFO George Reyes “threatens the business model”.

It’s called click fraud and it may set back online advertisers anywhere between $450M – $1.8 Billion.

Online businesses can now resort to expert support. With the launch of both the business community and the general public can receive factual information about click fraud in order to protect themselves and their businesses.

The launch of provides helpful insight as to what click fraud is all about, how it is manifested, and most importantly ways of prevention.

Click fraud is the act of illicit online activity, where an individual or organization passes “fake” clicks to online advertisers for profit, which also gives false representation of public interest to the advertiser. In actuality, the fake clicks only hinder the company’s Return on Investment, or profit, causing major financial setbacks to advertisers.

Security specialist and owner of, Adam Sculthorpe, hopes that with the launch of “people will have an open forum in which to discuss their online experiences. Providing education of click fraud gives a realistic perspective of the risks associated with online advertising. Awareness is the first step toward developing effective online advertising risk management strategies.”

The website is composed of five main topics and an informative explanation of each. There is also a discussion forum open to those who are interested in sharing their experiences and suggestions.

For more information on click fraud, please visit: or visit Clickrisk at for fully pervasive click fraud solutions.

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