Snoops Don’t Need Physical Access to Your PC to Spy On You

Florida (PRWEB) January 18, 2005 — SpyCop today announced that a large majority of computer users are at much greater risk of being spied upon than they originally thought. Many popular commercial surveillance packages including keyloggers and screen recorders are advertising “Remote Deployment”.

Like a trojan, this type of spy software can be slipped into a user’s PC via email, greeting card or web site. Unlike a trojan the surveillance program does not destroy data, rather it silently steals personal information. Many users feel that, without physical access to their PC, a surveillance program can not be installed. In fact, remote deployment of surveillance spyware is sharply on the rise.

Remote Deployment works in one of three major ways including email, web site or greeting card: – The email method involves an attachment which, like a virus, looks like a screensaver or other useful program. The user installs this trojan program and within seconds, they’re bugged.
-Remote deployment via web site usually involves the browser displaying a security update message. The user accepts and the ActiveX control containing a spy package is installed silently.
-The greeting card is the latest method of remote deployment. The snoop sends an electronic greeting card, commonly called an e-card, to the user with a small note and picture.The user views the greeting card and unwittingly ecomes bugged.

These three methods work because a vast majority of computer users do not realize that a spy program can be installed without physical access to their PC. Virus scanners, firewalls and adware scanners are not designed to defend against this threat. It is important for users to have a dedicated surveillance spy scanner installed and up-to-date on their PCs.

SpyCop Founder Grey McKenzie explains: “Prospective customers often tell us that they are safe from spy software because only they have access to their PC… Identity thieves are taking advantage of this, to steal their information while they sit back feeling safe. Once convinced to scan their system, many discover to their horror that a snoop has been recording their personal information for months.” The latest remote deployment technology means that an information thief does not need to lay a hand on the PC they wish to monitor. The victim often does not understand how a surveillance spy module could be and had been downloaded to their PC.

About Spycop:
SpyCop, LLC is the first company in the security industry to develop software designed to protect the general public from so called “undetectable” surveillance spy software.

SpyCop, LLC is a privately held company based in the State of Florida and has been providing the top surveillance spy detection solution since November 2000. The SpyCop® software for Microsoft Windows continues to be the leading dedicated surveillance scanner on the market.

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