New Virus Masquerades as Message from BitDefender

A new, as yet unnamed mass-mailer is in the wild. It comes in an e-mail message with a spoofed “from” field ( and prompts users to download harmful executables from the http://playb…… website. The hosting company of the website in question has been contacted and asked to remove the offending site.

“We expect this to be the work of a bored Romanian student or somesuch. The whole setup is amateurish in the extreme. Nevertheless, we are receiving about 20 bounced e-mails per minute, so I suspect the virus is spreading at a steady pace,” declared BitDefender CTO Bogdan Dumitru.

Users are advised to NOT follow the link or download the executables in question under any circumstances whatsoever, to update their antivirus with the latest virus definitions and to initiate a full scan of their computers at their earliest convenience.

The BitDefender support team does NOT, under any circumstances, send security warnings of any kind.

A virus definition has been issued. BitDefender Labs is currently working on a removal tool which will soon be available on the company website.

About BitDefender(tm)
BitDefender(tm) provides security solutions to satisfy the protection requirements of today’s computing environment, delivering effective threat management for over 38 million home and corporate users in more than 100 countries. BitDefender(tm) Antivirus is certified by all the major independent reviewers in the antivirus field – ICSA Labs, CheckMark and Virus Bulletin.

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