SSH Unveils SSH G3, A Powerful Third Generation Secure Shell Architecture For SSH Tectia

HELSINKI, FINLAND and RSA Conference, San Francisco. – Feb. 14, 2005- SSH Communications Security Corp. (HEX:SSH1V), a world-leading provider of enterprise security solutions and end-to-end communications security, and the original developer of the Secure Shell protocol, today announced the next version of its end-to-end communications security solution, SSH Tectia, with a revolutionary new generation SSH G3(TM) architecture.

The new SSH G3 architecture is based on the popular Secure Shell protocol, developed by SSH. The new advanced architecture embodies major new inherent features, including significantly enhanced data transfer throughput, significantly increased scalability, and the world’s first commercially available implementation of the high-speed CryptiCore® encryption algorithm. SSH G3 is fully compatible with the Secure Shell version2 standards specified by the IETF.

The new SSH G3 architecture improves data transfer performance up to 200% with considerably lower memory consumption compared to other Secure Shell implementations, and allows thousands of simultaneous users to connect to one server. The new SSH G3 architecture will enable companies to smoothly and securely provide file transfers and application connectivity both internally and externally throughout the network.

Customers will benefit from the new SSH G3 architecture with increased productivity and system performance, especially when performing large file transfers or running servers with large number of concurrent connections, or in applications demanding time-critical file transfer completion with the highest level of security.

“More and more businesses today are consolidating, adding greater burdens to the network. Security technologies have not kept up with this trend, leaving large enterprises with inefficient network operations and multiple vulnerabilities,” said Deb Mielke, managing director, Treillage NetworkStrategies. “With SSH’s new G3 technology, large enterprises, such as financial institutions, can now operate their networks with confidence, implementing new security policies globally without delays, and concentrate scarce resources on their core business initiatives.”

“For 10 years SSH has lead the development of Secure Shell technology. The new SSH G3 architecture was purpose-built for our large enterprise customers who need a combination of strong trusted security with high performance and scalability, integrated with the ease of deployment and cost savings of SSH Tectia Manager,” said Timo J. Rinne, CTO of SSH Communications Security. “

We are constantly evaluating customer’s business needs, and developing solutions to meet their demands. As the original developer of the ssh protocol, we set the standard, and the SSH G3 architecture sets the foundation for exciting new features in our SSH Tectia roadmap for increasingly demanding enterprise requirements.”

The new SSH G3 is fully compatible with SSH Tectia Manager, a comprehensive security management platform that permits IT professionals to easily establish and maintain enterprise-wide security from a central location.

New versions of SSH Tectia incorporating the SSH G3 architecture will be available in summer 2005. Product evaluations, pricing and further details can be obtained by contacting SSH Communications Security at

The earlier announced SSH Tectia Server for IBM® z/OS will also incorporate SSH G3 architecture.

About SSH Tectia
SSH Tectia is the leading end-to-end communications security solution for the enterprise. The SSH Tectia solution is based on the SSH Secure Shell and SSH’s other industry leading technologies used by millions worldwide. SSH Tectia enables secure system administration, secure file transfer and secure application connectivity with centralized management throughout the internal and external network. SSH Tectia provides transparent strong encryption and authentication and easily integrates into heterogeneous, multi-platform environments.

About SSH Communications Security
SSH Communications Security is a world-leading provider of enterprise security solutions and end-to-end communications security, and the original developer of the Secure Shell protocol. The company’s SSH Tectia solution addresses the most critical needs of large enterprises, financial institutions, and government agencies. With SSH Tectia, organizations can cost-effectively secure their system administration, file transfers and application connectivity against both internal and external security risks. As the original developer of the Secure Shell protocol and other key network security technologies, SSH has for 10 years developed end-to-end communications security solutions specifically for the enterprise. Currently more than 100 of Global Fortune 500 companies are using SSH security solutions. SSH shares are quoted on the Helsinki Exchanges Main List. For more information, please visit

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