CipherTrust introduces IronMail 5.0 to Enhance Reputation System, Secure Delivery And Regulatory Compliance

March 10, 2005 – CipherTrust, Inc., the leader in messaging security, today announced IronMail 5.0, which reinforces an organisation’s email security by providing the most precise sender reputation scoring available, securely delivers web-based email and actively contributes to legislative and regulatory compliance for mandates such as Basel II. These primary enhancements to IronMail 5.0 include the integration of TrustedSource.

TrustedSource 3.0
TrustedSource(tm) 3.0, the latest incarnation of CipherTrust’s reputation system, reinforces an organisation’s email security by providing the most precise sender reputation scoring available. Via TrustedSource, IronMail 5.0 utilises real-time data from CipherTrust’s global customer network, one of the largest enterprise email security networks in the world.

TrustedSource continually tracks and provides reputation scores for the approximately 50 million IP addresses that send email frequently to recipients of CipherTrust’s more than 1400 worldwide enterprise customers. The additional capabilities of TrustedSource 3.0 introduced in IronMail 5.0 build on CipherTrust’s unparalleled accuracy and effectiveness, further strengthening the performance of the award-winning IronMail appliance.

Secure Web Delivery 2.0
IronMail 5.0 also enhances IronMail Secure Web Delivery 2.0, improving flexibility, scalability and administration for email security officers, while streamlining usability and adding features for end users. To ease administrators’ headaches related to email encryption, the latest version of CipherTrust’s Secure Web Delivery offering automates many processes that typically drained both staffing resources and time from enterprise IT departments. Additionally, Secure Web Delivery 2.0 frees end users from the fear and uncertainty associated with many email encryption solutions by making the product more end user-friendly, not simply administrator-friendly.

Compliance Control
Also included in IronMail 5.0 is Compliance Control, providing enterprises with accurate, effective detection and control of regulated content transmitted via email. In addition, Compliance Control is designed to minimise the administrative burden associated with deploying and managing compliance systems. It offers enhanced compliance capabilities to customers concerned with regulations such as Basel II in Europe and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) for companies dealing with businesses in the United States. Compliance Control is a standard component of the latest version of CipherTrust’s award-winning appliance, IronMail 5.0, and will also be available as a stand-alone IronMail Compliance Server. David Stanley, VP & MD, EMEA, CipherTrust, said: “The release of IronMail 5.0 is testimony to the fact CipherTrust addresses the email concerns of today and tomorrow. The fact that we are continually adding to IronMail’s comprehensive functionality, by meeting the requirements set forth by our global customers, ensures that organisations can take comfort in the fact that, not only do they adhere to their corporate security policies, but also securely communicate with customers, business partners and suppliers.”

About CipherTrust, Inc.
CipherTrust, Inc. is the leader in messaging security. Recognised by IDC, the Company’s award-winning IronMail appliance protects the messaging systems of more enterprise e-mail users than any other solution, including more than 30 percent of the Fortune 100. CipherTrust pioneered messaging security by uniquely combining the five critical e-mail security components of spam and fraud prevention, virus and worm protection, policy and content compliance, e-mail privacy, and intrusion prevention into a single easy to deploy and manage platform. The Company is backed by top tier investors including Battery Ventures and Greylock Partners. For more information about CipherTrust, please visit .

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